Ways To Make Swimming More Interesting

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A few weeks ago I talked about the benefits of swimming and it’s turning out to be a great pregnancy workout!

Which is great but in all honesty, doing lengths can be incredibly boring, especially when you are doing longer distances (I am for a mile which is 64 lengths of a 25 meter pool). Even 30 minutes can get monotonous but to get the real benefits from pool swimming you need to put the time and the laps in (and obviously the better you get, the longer distances you need to focus on).

With that in mind I have set out to make swimming more interesting! so here are some of my favorite ways so far:

Waterproof Headphones

I love blasting music when I am running (check out the Pros and Cons here) so why not do the same under water. There are several options, you can either opt for a waterproof pouch, waterproof MP3 player or waterproof headphones that you can pair with your phone on dry land. Set the music up and get lapping! Here are my favorite waterproof musical products! (Affiliate)

Take a Friend

There’s almost no better way for you to stay motivated so take someone with you! An accountability buddy can seriously improve your swim game by creating races or challenges together and let’s be honest you can always have a chat during rest breaks! A little competition can go a long way.

Varied Workouts

Laps can seriously take a toll on your workouts and mental determination so instead, vary your workouts. Try new things while swimming like practicing your weaker strokes, cross your legs and use only your arms or float on your back and keep kicking! A new routine can keep things from going stale!

Set Goals

If you’re starting to get bored in any workout, it’s probably because you have haven’t set, or you’ve forgotten your goals so make new ones! I don’t have to remind you about the importance of goal setting (I wrote a whole post about it <<) but for swimming try something specific like distances, time or days of the week you get to the pool. With something more obvious to work towards you will find yourself staying motivated!

Get Involved

There are lots of classes you can take in the water such as aqua aerobics and it can be a fantastic workout that mixes things up a bit and keeps you social. Check your local swimming pool for classes and you may find you like it so much that you become a regular member!

Add Weight

If you’re doing laps, consider adding ankle or wrist weights. Obviously, you shouldn’t do this if you’re swimming in really deep water (or open water swimming) as the weight can pull you down and cause a safety risk but adding weight will help provide more resistance and strengthen muscles which also makes your workout more intense and interesting! Build up with weights slowly like you doing during strength training.

Change Your Location

If you’re frequenting a gym to get your swimming workout done, try a new gym, ocean or open water swimming or even a new pool! The change of scenery can help stop things from being stale and keep you motivated

A Combo Workout

Try running or doing a workout class before going into the pool because with tired muscles it can definitely keep things more interesting and push you to try harder! Do as the tri-athletes do and get a whole body workout it (it will help with the achy muscles too!)

What do you do to keep your swimming workout interesting? Do you have more ideas that should be added to this list? If you have some great ideas leave them down in the comments!

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