Telling The Toddler He’s Having A Sister

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Before our gender reveal, we told the toddler he was having a sister, and let’s just say he wasn’t happy… at first

Our little guy has been wanting a brother ever since he found out he was having a sibling, he asked us to ask the doctor for a brother, he clearly doesn’t yet understand how these things work, even though we corrected him. Unfortunately (for him) even after informing the sonographer of his request she let us know it was a girl so a sister it is!

Now to tell the toddler! We didn’t know how he would take it, he’s 5 and up until now he’s been an only child so we were a bit apprehensive and this is how the conversation went:

Me+Daddy: “You remember there is a baby in mummies tummy.”

Him: “Yes, my brother”

Me+Daddy: “well we’ve been to the doctor and even though we asked for a brother, she told us that it’s a girl and that you are having a sister instead!” *Nervous smiley faces!*

Him: “Eugh! but girls are stupid and I want a brother!”

Me: “But Mummy is a girl?”

Him: “Well not you, baby girls are stupid because they cry a lot.”

Me+Daddy: “All babies cry a lot, boys and girls, that’s just what babies do because they can’t talk yet.”

Him: “Can I have a brother too?”

Me+Daddy: *frantic looks and mass panic* “afraid not!”

Him: “Oh, can I push her buggy?”

Me+Daddy: “Yes”

Him: “Can I hold her?”

Me+Daddy: “Yes”

Him: “When I don’t want to hold her, do I have too?”

Me+Daddy: “No of course not”

Him: “Okay then I’ll have a sister” (because up until this point I’m pretty sure he thought he could get a refund and return her!!)

No Returns, No Refunds!

And he has since decided that sisters aren’t so bad! We have also decided on a few rules between us that he would like in place (because he is nothing if not thorough) and these are:

  1. He doesn’t want to be forced to hold her or cuddle her if he doesn’t want too
  2. He would like a board to stand on, on the back of the buggy so that if he doesn’t want to push it or “walk slowly”, he doesn’t have too.
  3. He would like some of his toys to be off limits.

We didn’t think any of these were unreasonable requests so we are looking at getting him a treasure chest for his special toys that he doesn’t want to share and his sister will have one too, because I am a firm believer in not having to share everything, some things should be your own and that’s okay.

Family silliness!

Overall it went quite well and he seems quite excited at the prospect of having a sister that he can teach gymnastics too and play in the sand pit with! So fingers crossed he will be fine, no refunds now!



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