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Smashrun Review

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What is it?


Smashrun is a platform that allows you to compile and make sense of your running data. It does this in the hope that with better understanding of your statistics and all of your runs in context to your life and others, you will be more motivated to run and ultimately progress in what they call “ a lifelong sport”. By adding your run information to the site it analyses the data, turns it into statistics and trends and then attempts to make them more understandable and applicable to the real world by offering incentives.

How do I use it?

The interface is pretty simple (for the most part), you upload/sync your running data (don’t worry they talk you through it – I still don’t have a clue) and it does the rest for you. Although they have been working on integration from a lot of different running apps (some I’ve never even heard of) it can be quite time consuming transferring individual runs from some apps (*cough* Runkeeper *cough*) which I will talk about further in the “Room for improvements” section below. That aside once you’re up and running (pun intended) it’s really easy to use.

Who’s behind it?

The brains behind Smashrun comes in the form of Jacklyn, Steve and Chris who founded the site from Fort Greene in Brooklyn (The U.S).  They all run, showing that it’s a site made FOR runners BY runners and their passion doesn’t go unnoticed. Their social media presence was what drew me to Smashrun and it was definitely a “they’ll find you” scenario (and I’m glad they did).

Their twitter handle is @SmashrunHQ (if you care to follow)

And they write a SmashRun blog here.


 I’m sure I haven’t covered all of them but these are the main ones I’ve been using/ encountering frequently.

So what makes it different?

Predominantly the reward system – Appealing to the competitor in all runners the badges are the reason Smashrun is addictive. With quirky blurbs and cool cartoon pics there are some genuine challenges to face in order to get them and you are ranked against other runners.

Let’s put it this way….

I’m not a morning runner but I can assure you I’m going to be running before 7am at least 10 times because I’m getting that early bird badge….and I suppose that is kind of the point.

The thought that has gone into it shows it’s not just another site churning out numbers, ironically it has a lot more heart (which is atypical of statistical platforms). Everything from progress windows spouting semi funny feel good mantras (#cheetahlegs) to the picture color picker. All of these things add a personal level that I feel is unique and hasn’t been done before.


What I love about it


*One thing – Lets make the “unhealthy” view option stick (if I select it) all the time guys because I want to be able to justify more cake not see how much salad I’m allowed now –  for reals*

Room for improvements

To sum it up

With a great presence on social media and supportive feel from the team and the friends on Smashrun, you can’t help but get involved and stay motivated and ultimately that’s what it is all about. It is easy to use and a fun quirky way to help stay on target. Does it need to work on a few things? (*Cough* Grey *cough*)…Yes… are there similar sites out there?…. Yes…. But I’ll wait for you Smashrun, you definitely need it in your life if you consider yourself a runner…I’m hooked..well played Smashrun, well played.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars – I would Recommend

*To Join Smashrun visit here.*

Note: This is not a paid review – I think SmashRun is great and wanted to share it with all you runners!

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