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Pregnant and…Overdue

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My due date has been and gone meaning I am now Pregnant and…Overdue

I recently did a pregnancy series; “Pregnant and…” which I really enjoyed doing but little did I know that I would still be pregnant 3 weeks later (and no I am not amused!) so I thought I would add to that original series with this post!

It looks like little bumpelina is taking after her brother and is going to be another late one! We are currently at 41 weeks and counting, scheduled for induction next week and it has probably been the slowest week of my pregnancy to date. In the same way as last time, my body just isn’t interested in the birth process and since she is healthy and cozy, the doctors will not medically intervene until you are 12 days past your due date (as is the rule).

For those who have either not had children or are lucky enough to be on or around the due date I thought this post would give a bit more insight into what actually happens when you are pregnant and overdue and the process going forward.

What Happens When You Are Overdue:

Honestly, not as much as you might think! You expect to get to your due date and when it passes for everyone to start panicking when baby doesn’t arrive. Sadly not. Up until 42 weeks is considered healthily within term which means that the actual time when your baby can be born starts from 37 weeks – 42 weeks (that is a 5-week gap you could be waiting!).

At 42 weeks there is medical proof that the placenta and umbilical chord start to degrade and become less efficient so from a medical standpoint they are trying to get them out before then, but not too much before. Plus, before they induce you, you have to wait a full 12 days past due to encourage your natural labour. Here’s a timeline:

Due Date: 40 Weeks

Midwife Appointment: 40 weeks (ish) – Check on baby and your health, confirm everything is okay and you are both healthy. Sometimes an internal exam to see if your body is preparing at all and what’s known as a ‘sweep’ which can try to encourage natural hormones to kick start your labouring process.

Midwife Appointment: 41 weeks (ish) – A repeat of the first appointment, usually with another sweep and a discussion of the induction process to be booked in. You will also usually have another internal exam to look at the cervix and see if your body is ‘playing ball’.

Induction Day: Ring up the hospital first thing and book to be admitted in the hospital to start the induction process. If unsuccessful you could still be waiting an extra 48-72 hours to meet your baby.

*Sometimes midwives will offer a third sweep at some point in the middle of all this if they think it will help! But you can only be given three in total so if none of them work, it looks like you will be in it for the long haul!*

Reasons You Could Be Pregnant and Overdue:

There are honestly no real answers here, only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date and the midwives/doctors I have spoken to would love to get rid of them altogether. No one really knows, as with mother nature, everyone is different, as well as their bodies and unfortunately they can’t predict things very well (yet).

That being said, some factors do play a part in misdiagnosed or confused dates which can mean your gestation is actually wrong, as well as contributing factors to being overdue. Some of these are:

What NOT To Say To An Overdue Pregnant Lady

I just wanted to add this section because as helpful and comforting as you might feel. We are mad, impatient and grumpy at this point and since all conversations begin this way or another, this is all we hear and we don’t appreciate it:

“Not long to go” – It doesn’t matter if it is one day or 100 it is going to drag itself out and feels like a lifetime!

“Oh, you still haven’t had the baby yet?” – Do I look like I have had the baby yet? Obviously not!

“You poor thing” – I appreciate the sympathy, I am a poor thing, but that’s not making me feel any better.

“Wow you’ve gotten bigger” – Yes, we both know I am the size of a house, I was fat then, I am fat now! Thanks.

“Have you tried natural remedies such as….” – Yes, whatever it is, I’ve tried it. Did you know midwives suggest ways to bring on natural spontaneous labour that are the most likely to help?

“I bet you’re frustrated now?” – Either I am and that’s not helpful or I’m not and you assuming I am is going to annoy me. It’s a lose/lose

“Any signs of them yet?” – Nope.

“They will come when they come” – I know, but I am being impatient and irrational and I have waited 9 months (so far) for this to happen. Haven’t you ever been excited??

It’s not our fault that we are grumpy so cut us some slack and in all honesty, talk to us about something else. Anything else to make us feel normal and take our minds off it.

Ultimately, I know that bumpelina will arrive and that the date is set. But I want to meet her, start this new chapter in our lives and get cracking! – plus I want the labour to be over. Is that too much to ask??

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*This is not medical advice and you should always consult your midwife or healthcare professional. I am explaining my own experiences as well as what was discussed with me about my own medical care.*

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