Mushrooms, Halloumi & Pepper Bruschetta

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I love bruschetta, it’s a really tasty mini-toast that is traditionally served with tomatoey-ness of some kind (the official chef description)

so when Kelly said she would share her recipe with us here I was thrilled! – it is a great twist on a favourite of mine and i’m looking forward to making it!

A little more about Kelly

Kelly really caught my eye (not in a weird way),  new to the blogging world she has two children that inspire her to blog over at NatureMumBlog where she covers food (you’ll see more of that in a minute), family activities and her life and kids! so I just had to ask her to guest post (you are all welcome)

So here is her foodie guest post – and it looks amazing!

Mushrooms, Halloumi and Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta


A traditional starter for Christmas dinner when I was a child was a prawn salad, but I always hated it (Sorry mum). If you have been stuck with the same starter every Christmas why not try something new this year. This dish has a few elements to it but it doesn’t take long and tastes absolutely delicious.


100ml Single cream

250g White Mushrooms (Chop into small chunks)

225g Halloumi (Slice thinly)

Freshly baked white loaf (Slice thickly)

100ml White wine

2 Roasted red peppers (Chop into small chunks)

Garlic Butter – 1 Heaped tbsp. Butter, 1 tsp Garlic salt, 1 tsp Basil



Mushrooms and Halloumi

Fry mushrooms on a medium to high heat until soft, then add the white wine.

Turn down the heat to simmer, cook until the wine has reduced.

Whilst the mushrooms are cooking, fry the halloumi in a separate, clean pan, on a low to medium heat.

Cook on one side until brown, then flip it and cook on the other side.

*Be careful not to burn it as it can take a while to heat then turns brown quickly.*

Once the white wine has reduced, add the cream, cook until thickened and season to taste.


Bruschetta and garlic butter

Heat the butter in a pan, on a low heat until it has melted,

Add the garlic and basil, stir to combine and remove from the heat.

Place the bread under a grill, cook one side until toasted,

Then, flip it, drizzle over the garlic butter so that it is evenly spread on each piece of bread and place back under the grill until toasted.


To serve You need to layer each section onto the bread:

starting with the Halloumi,

Then a tbsp. of the chopped roasted red peppers,

Then a tbsp. of the mushrooms.

Then enjoy!

Where can you find more of Kelly?

Blogging at: Nature Mum Blog

Tweeting at: @naturemumblog

*All Images are Courtesy of Kelly and I do not own them*


Founder at The Mummy Toolbox

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