Introducing: The Little Sister! (TMT Birth Announcement)

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After keeping us in suspense, she is finally here and we are excited to announce the birth of our daughter!

If you are a regular reader, you will know I was pregnant and overdue (and definitely not happy about it!) but 11 days after our due date our gorgeous little girl graced us with her presence and we called her:


She is now 12 days old and I am finally making it Toolbox official by having her birth announcement after coming home from holiday I thought I would do some sneaky blogging (turns out two kids are more time consuming, who knew!) After having to go in to be induced again after some reduced movements we shipped the little guy off to granddads and off to the hospital we went.

After waiting 3 days (and the best friend having to take over babysitting duties – LOVE YOU!) she arrived via C-section after a failed induction (not quite the elective caesarean I had hoped for), weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 3oz. She is a very behaved baby and we are fortunate enough that she already loves her sleep as much as her big brother.

Big brother loved her at first sight and 24 hours later we were home and already thinking about packing for our holiday so it has been busy action stations since the get go!

I am going to write a separate post about my caesarean soon as it was a completely different experience this time around, I was a lot more relaxed, knew what to expect and it was a really positive experience so keep an eye out!

I want to say a massive thank you to the hospital nurses, doctors and midwives in particular on the birthing unit who made my induction hours fly by, were a great hand hold in my C-section and gave me the support I needed to feel calm, in control and relaxed during the whole process as well as the surgery!

In the coming weeks, The Mummy Toolbox is going to be very baby themed as we navigate the new addition and I follow up with some of the final pregnancy posts I didn’t get to publish in time and then we shall resume talking about a variety of topics! In the meantime, I will leave you with some gorgeous baby cuteness that is our daughter:



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