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Garlic Asparagus With Chicken & Noodles

Clean Eating Garlic Asparagus Chicken with noodles

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I am on the hunt for healthier meal options and a lazy day actually led to this delicious new dish that is now on my list of favorites. 

I had a ton of ingredients left over in the fridge and cupboards but none of them really “went together” I didn’t have enough ingredients to make a sauce and I wasn’t sure what meal I was going to be able to cook for dinner that night.

I literally started chopping and throwing things together and realised around halfway through that if I added some garlic and seasonings it would actually be a great meal that could stand on it’s own! – and I was right!

This simple dish is a clean eating meal that is easy to make, delicious and not too messy either so there is minimal clean-up (which is a bonus in this house!)


*Serves 1 Dinner or 2 Lunches*


1.Chop the chicken along with one chopped clove of garlic and lightly fry on a medium heat until cooked around the outside.

2. Next, chop the asparagus tips and add them to the chicken along with the rest of the chopped garlic. Simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Add the rice noodles, stir to break them apart and make sure they are coated in the juices. Cook for a further 5 minutes making sure that the chicken is cooked all the way through and serve.

This meal also makes a great meal prep option and you can easily scale up or down to make larger portions. One thing I will note is that don’t double the amount of garlic, take it up by halves otherwise, it is too much for the meal. For example, when doubling this recipe, use 4-5 cloves of garlic not 6 (the rest doubles as usual)

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