Traditional Indian Dessert Recipe – Phool Makhane ki Kheer

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I asked Khushboo if there was any traditional dessert recipes she would like to share and she added the bonus of this healthier twist on an Indian Favourite! Over to her…

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Courtesy of KhushKhazana

Kheer is, I think the most common and favorite dessert among Indians. Today I present Phool Makhane ki Kheer/Puffed Lotus Seeds Kheer which can be made during fast also. My mom used to make it on all the nine days in navratri. Since Navratri is approaching, I thought of sharing this very tempting and easy recipe of Phool Makhane ki Kheer so that you can enjoy them during your fast.

Indian Culture gives an utmost value to milk and milk products, as it is a product of cow which is worshiped in India like any other God. So as the dairy products.

Makhane are rich in protein and carbohydrate and have significant medicinal values too. They provide very smooth & silky texture to the Phool Makhane ki Kheer unlike the rice kheer and let me tell you this Phool Makhane ki Kheer takes lesser time to get cooked so that you can fulfil the desire of your sweet tooth quickly. You can enjoy this healthier kheer even in your fast…what else one needs when he/she craves for good food on fasting days.


Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 25 mins

Milk (full cream): 1 litre
Phool makhane: 1 bowl
Sugar: 2-1/2 table spoon
Cardamom powder: 1 tea spoon
Almond flakes: 2 tea spoon
Raisins: 2 tea spoon
Desi ghee: 2 tea spoon (optional)


1. Take a bowl of Phool Makhane and clear it with soft towel if any dust particle is there and make it clean from brown/black shells (if any).

Courtesy of KhushKhazana

2. Dry roast the Phool Makhane. If you want you can use some desi ghee for frying them (since I wanted to make it a healthy option, i have written it as optional). Roast the Phool Makhane crisp.

Courtesy of KhushKhazana

3. Let them cool down at room temperature and then grind them coarsely in a mixer jar

Courtesy of KhushKhazana

4. Meanwhile, keep the milk in a deep & heavy bottom pan and start bioling it on a high temperature. Once it boils, bring the temperature on lowest and start simmering the milk to get it thickened. Transfer the thickened milk to a more broad pan for it to get heat uniformly for getting thickened quickly.

Courtesy of KhushKhazana

5. Cook it on sim for about 15 minutes and keep stirring continuously so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. When it gets thickened add elaichi powder to it.

Courtesy of KhusKhazana

6. Now add Phool Makhane to it and keep stirring.





Courtesy of KhushKhazana


Courtesy of KhushKhazana


Courtesy of KhushKhazana

Hmm…out tasty delicious healthy Phool Makhane ki Kheer is ready to eat. You can relish this kheer in fasting days also. Just decorate them with almond flakes, raisins and sprinkle some elaichi powder over it, you are ready to have a spoon full of delighting Phool Makhane ki Kheer.

Note: You can use desi ghee for frying the Phool Makhane before pouring them to milk finally. This would taste deliciously yummy. Since i’m saving on calories I have skipped this step.

Where can you find more of Khushboo’s great recipes?


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