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TMT 1 Year Blogger-versary

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The Mummy Toolbox Turns 1 Today!!

That’s right, 1 year ago today I decided that I would ramble to the world and share anything and everything I have learned about stuff. It’s gone pretty well I think so far and I have definitely learned a lot along the way and little did I know that my site would become my second child so quickly!

So much has changed since I started blogging so I thought I would combine my commemorative blog birthday with some highlights and upcoming treats for you all for next year!

Last Years Highlights For Each Category

I’ve Shared a lot this year and there have been some definite favourites., I enjoyed writing everything that I have posted and there wasn’t anything that I regret! I am glad you all enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing about them (plus I hope they helped!) Here the top contenders for each category…

what I’ve learned

Upcoming for next year!

I’m a bit of a planner and organiser (you have to be when you juggle as many projects as I do!) so I already have some fab things lined up for this year;

I have had a lot of compliments about my recent money saving posts so I will be expanding into a new money saving category that focuses on frugal parenting and pet ownership too with hopefully some new competitions! Watch this space!!

What You Won’t See…

I wanted to write a bit about what I have NOT decided to do next year because I have had a few people ask me about certain aspects of my blogging.

Overall, this year has been exciting, fun and most of all educational!! I am looking forward to another excellent year, expanding and sharing everything with you all.

Lastly – Happy Blogger-versary to me, happy blogger-versary to me, happy blogger-versary to The Mummy Toolbox…. Happy Blogger-versary to me!

I would love to hear if any of you have suggestions about categories or ideas that you want to hear about or see!! Drop me a message via email (Check out my “About me” page for contact details) or in the comments section for suggestions.

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