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*This is a guest blog post*

I asked my friend Alexandria to write a post about her expanding business and community which is helping to support parents. As a maternity nurse and international nanny she has a lot of experience with how different parenting is. I asked her to share The Mothership here because as a young mother (who breastfed) I was shrouded with the stigmas and constantly told how to raise my child – which inherently meant I felt like I was always wrong.  I wish I had Alexandra’s community around then! So over to Alex…

“How did it start?

 The Mothership was founded whilst I was working in the Middle East as a Maternity Nurse, after identifying the need to support expat parents and parents with no family network close by. I am a strong believer in attachment parenting values, positive parenting principles and other parenting styles that nurture the parent-child bond, whilst guiding clients to respectful solutions to their sleep issues.

What is The Mothership?

 My team and I have created a safe community for parents/foster parents/ adoptive parents and family members to connect with myself and my team so we can reassure and advise on situations that may be worrying them and they feel they have no one to ask. No question is ‘silly’ and no mother is a ‘bad mother’ for having a few moments of being unsure about a situation whether that is sleep, feeding, sibling rivalry etc.

The Mothership is here to help you hear your Mother/Father Instinct! I strongly believe we need to stop saying ‘But the book says’ and start saying ‘ I know my baby needs’.

What are they trying to stamp out?

 The world has been too quick to judge parents and to make them feel they are inadequate if they don’t do something a certain way. We have heard all the latest:

  • Attachment parenting is just because the mum has issues
  • If you don’t breastfeed your child will become ill
  • If you breastfeed your not feeding your child enough
  • If you use ‘Cry it Out’ methods you don’t love your child
  • If your child isn’t in a sleep routine it reflects on your parenting

Blah blah blah……… We are all human; there is no tick sheet to parenting! There is trial and error and also what you feel is right for YOUR baby! Some people just need reassurance that what they feel is right – IS RIGHT!

What do they offer?

A safe, informative and supportive online community! The Mothership also sell Sleep Support Packages to guide and aid parents to get their child into a healthy sleep association.

Sleep Consultants working with The Mothership align their values with ours:

The Mothership Values:

  • We respect all parents’ style (Cry it out, controlled crying, 2+mins etc.)
  • We want to create a positive bond between parent and child
  • Encouraging breastfeeding where possible and supporting the mother’s choices
  • Staying up to date on safe sleeping recommendations in particular how to support co-sleeping families who wish to continue co-sleeping
  • We listen to all family issues, we are all yours during the sleep package and after
  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism and close support to the client
  • Aiding parents through tailored solutions born from a place of understanding and respect

Where can I find them?

The Motherships’  slogan is LEARN-DEVELOP-GROW and we stick by achieving this as a community.

Feel free to join our Facebook Community

Or Visit The Mothership website

We cannot wait to meet you!



Founder at The Mummy Toolbox

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