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Yep I said it, I am Pregnant and…Fat

I know, I know, “i’m not fat, I’m pregnant” thanks but unfortunately it isn’t true! Yes I am growing a human being and of course I feel bigger and more uncomfortable because I am near the end. This is not my first rodeo. Unfortunately however I am just one of the many who also pile on the blubber when pregnant. Today’s Pregnant and… post is a little more feeling sorry for myself than the others (I can’t be helpful all the time!).

Although I don’t resent the reason why I have put on weight. Plus I am of course thankful that I am clearly growing a healthy baby, I do feel sad. The first time around I gained a lot of weight, which continued after my little guy was born and spiked until it sparked my Weight Loss Journey (clearly going to have to rename that as part 1!). The problem is, I put a lot of time and effort into my body. Toning the bits I didn’t like, sweating it out and working hard mentally as well as physically, tackling the mental truth behind weight and it is hard to see the fruits of that labour go to waste with the fruits of this one. I don’t just mean the abs, because obviously they have been “compromised” but I mean my arms, legs and even silly things like my fingers and feet (yep, I don’t just retain water there, I full on change shoe sizes with weight gain!)

The hardest part for me is not so much the pregnant and fat, it’s the post-birth fat me. I have worked hard to lose the weight once and I am scared it will creep back on again the second time around and I don’t want all my previous efforts to be for nothing! Plus I want to fit into my old clothes again, I can’t live in stretchy trousers forever!

I would like to think that just acknowledging my fears and appreciating that I have put on weight rather than coming up with excuses and living in denial (plus this blog post specifically holding me accountable – you see why I wrote it now!) will be the first step post-baby to appreciate the changes. This will help to avoid the spiral effect and not let me fall back into the unhealthy and miserable person that I was before and I can regain more of my old post-weight loss momentum.

I can’t be the only one concerned about the post-baby weight gain right? Let me know in the comments!

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