Pink Strawberry & Choc Chip Flapjacks

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Whilst experimenting with healthier snack bar alternatives (Leading to the Banana & Honey Flapjacks I previously posted) we had some oats leftover and a pack of strawberries in the fridge and bish, bash, bosh an idea was born.

The Result was these Strawberry & Chocolate Chip Flapjacks!

What I love about these is; they have a natural light pink colour which means they would be a cute Valentines day themed food but are also a fab lunchbox filler!

*The more strawberries, the pinker it is*

All the princesses (and princes) love pink food!… right!

These are really easy to make and ready in 30 minutes!


300g Porridge Oats

200g Strawberries (fresh)

100g Low Fat Margarine (or butter)

100g Chocolate Chips



Pre Heat the oven to 190 Degrees

Chop the tops off of the strawberries

Blend together the margarine and strawberries until smooth (no strawberry chunks please)

*If you don’t have a blender, you can use a smoothie maker by slightly melting the margarine and chopping it up – it works just as well*

Add the blended mixture to the oats and stir until all of the oats are covered

*Make sure there are no dry oats in the mixture otherwise they can burn – Yes. This is the voice of experience*

This is the “Choc Chip” part! Stir the bad boys in until they are pretty evenly distributed (you don’t want clumps of them)

*If you are being extra good and healthy you can skip this part or substitute some seeds or raisins instead*

Grease a baking tin (or use greaseproof paper if you prefer)

*I use an 8″ Square tin because we like quite thick flapjacks*

Pop in the oven for 15 – 20 Mins or until a golden colour

*This can be quite hard to judge because the mixture is pink anyway so depending on your oven you might need to adjust the timings*

Remove from the oven, allow to cool and place on a wire rack until they are cooled completely

Alternatively you can eat these warm with ice cream (BUT you were trying to find a HEALTHY alternative remember!)

I attempted to take a finished picture when they had cooled down but couldn’t keep the little hands off them long enough so instead we have a half eaten, very edited photo of them :p ( I suppose it’s a compliment!) 

If you need help converting use my U.K to US conversions (it has a Free Printable too so you can keep it for later)

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