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Perfect Professional Pancakes

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Pancakes are great all year round and it has only been recently that I have started cooking them from scratch because I couldn’t get them right, either:

So after extensive research and a hell of a lot of mistakes I found and formulated the perfect pancake recipe and it was all inspired by This BBC food recipe by Delia Smith


130g Plain Flour

30g Butter

2 Eggs

200ml Milk + 80ml water (combined)


Sieve the flour into the bowl (don’t skip this step, it helps make the mixture light)

Crack both eggs into the mixture and whisk together slightly (it will get very dough-ey don’t worry)

Add half of the water/milk mixture and whisk




Melt the butter (lightly in a pan)

Whisk in the rest of the water, milk and half of the butter into the mixture (save the other half for later)

Tip into an “easy to pour” container (this makes it easier to divide later on), I use a large Pyrex container which is perfect for pouring.

Heat the frying pan, it needs to be very hot so start with it on high and when you reach the right temperature turn it down to a “medium” heat.

Dip a piece of kitchen roll in the leftover melted butter and spread it around the pan to grease.






Pour the batter mix into the frying pan and wait until it has all hardened slightly and flip (I use a spatula but if you’re fantastic you can flip in the air :p )

Use the kitchen roll and butter to grease the pan in between each pancake (this stops the rest of them getting sticky!)

Repeat this until all of your batter is gone and  serve with Sugar and Lemon

Enjoy 🙂

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