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Free Printable Christmas Gift Vouchers

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One of my favorite stocking fillers/thoughtful gifts is to give Personalised Gift Vouchers.

These allow me to give the gift of my help/services or something for a later date that I couldn’t quite give them on the day. Also they are a great way of showing that you care and know what they REALLY want for Christmas because lets be honest, as a parent sometimes I just want free babysitting or a tidy house!

Here are some cute ideas for things you can “Give” on your vouchers.

Voucher ideas from the Kids

Vouchers ideas from the Adults


I usually create my own design specific to the person/situation but this is a basic Christmas template if you’re not very crafty or are a little pressed for time. Also I learned the lesson of putting Terms & Conditions on mine –  I gave an hour of secretarial duties to my dad (basic computer stuff and bookkeeping) three years ago and he is still re-using it because “there is no end date” and I didn’t “specify if it was just one hour or if it was several uses of under an hour” – The man should have been a lawyer I swear! – I learned my lesson so don’t make the same mistake!

I have included three different versions of the design: simple block colours, the main gift voucher complex design and a black and white line only version for the kids to colour in or draw pictures on (which is a good Christmas craft for them too!)

Colour In Templates
Complex Design Template
Block Colour Templates

If you Liked this post then share it or feel free to pin it! If you would like to see more designs then let me know and I might add some more to the list 🙂

You may also want to Make Your Own Letters from Santa which also has a free printable or check out the “Freebies” category to see some Winter Gift Labels too!

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