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Healthy Banana & Honey Flapjacks

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As a runner, I am usually always hungry (as is the cycling husband) – that’s my excuse – so I have been looking at cheaper healthy alternatives to the snack bars that you buy in the supermarket so that we eat less of the processed stuff and sneak in some more goodness (plus I love finding new recipes!)

This banana and honey flapjack recipe is currently one of our favourites and uses the fruit, honey and low fat butter as the binding agent so there is no need for golden syrup or other processed sugar.

These are a great on the go snack and full of energy and fuel to see us through until lunch…or dinner…. or tea.

These flapjacks would also be great to bake before a house viewing because they leave a lovely warm banana-y smell in your house (and obviously the delicious product of the baking)


400g Porridge oats

70ml Honey

2 Medium Ripe Bananas

100g Low Fat Margarine (butter)


Preheat your oven to 190 Degrees

Combine, Mix, Stir

Blend the banana and butter together until a smooth texture (you don’t want any banana chunks)

*If you don’t have a blender you can use a smoothie or milkshake maker by gently heating and softening the margarine first*

Stir the honey into the blended mixture using a spoon and make sure you mix it in thoroughly

Add the banana mixture to the oats and mix together until completely covered. Make sure you don’t have any dry oats left otherwise they will burn.

Fresh from the oven and smelling amazing

Grease a baking tray (you can also use greaseproof paper if you prefer but these aren’t that sticky so a bit of grease or butter is fine)

*I used an 8″ Square tin because we like quite thick flapjacks*

Make sure you press down the oat mixture to all of the corners of the tray so that it is quite compacted, makes them cook better

cook for 20 – 25 mins or until they go a golden colour

Leave them to settle a little before trying to move them out of the tin and then transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely (or you can eat these warm with ice cream – although the “healthy” part goes out the window then!)

If you need help with conversions from U.K to US use my conversion chart

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