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When Excuses Aren’t “Excuses”

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Excuses! These are one of my pet hates.

when people do horrible things and use their current situations as an excuse to justify them. I try to live my life saying “no excuses” and so I firmly believe that if you behave a certain way (for whatever reason) you should hold your head up, admit it and attempt to resolve things (where possible)… I hate excuses!

*Probably because, as a teenager I used up an abundance of them and now I can’t stand it!*

It is not very often that I write solely for my own indulgence (although blogging, for me is a lot little self indulgent anyway) but I came across a quote that made me stop and want to discuss it. It is so simple and obvious but something I find myself continuing to forget:

“Be Kind, For Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – Plato

BUT I am also guilty of behaving in ways that are affected by things going on in my life.

The frame of mind I am in can dictate my actions and can make me stubborn and disagreeable until later I realise I was wrong. So if I can do that, why can I not accept that from others?

Why is it, that when someone else tries to explain it’s an excuse but I have a reason? it is not fair to hold other people to a different standard!

I am very guilty of becoming self absorbed and I often feel like no-one could understand some of the personal challenges that I go through, so I do not share them or discuss them, but they are still there and they influence how I behave.

In doing this, I forget that friends, loved ones and everyone else are all going through something and it could influence the way they behave towards me or other people.

So I wanted to stop today and write this post as a recognition to try and be more kind and forgiving… To appreciate the things I cannot see that go on in someone’s mind or in their life and to show some compassion next time someone tries to explain what they have been going through,  rather than just see it as an excuse! As well as to try and be more kind and less judgmental towards others and their behavior (let’s be honest I am probably not the only one guilty of that!)

Sometimes Excuses aren’t excuses…

Have you heard this quote before? are you guilty of calling people out on their “excuses”? How will you try and show a little more kindness?

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