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Essential Running Safety Tips

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Running safety is important so here’s a few tips so that you can worry less and be as safe as possible when you’re out on your next run.

Whether you’re a beginning runner or not, these days you can never too cautious and I always aim to enjoy my run but my safety comes first, even before my training. Unfortunately there are a range of dangers to be aware of, from injuries to accidents and other things that are a bit more sinister which is why I thought I would share my essential running safety tips.

1. Let Someone Know

One of the best options for running safety is to tell someone, like a friend or family member, when you’re going out for a run, where you are running to and how long you’re aiming to be. Just because it may be early in the morning doesn’t mean that there aren’t any dangers so just call them up or text them just before you head out the door then let them know when you’re back and that’s a great way to start a timeline as well as having someone expect you if you don’t turn up.

Many apps actually make this easier such as Glympse, which is a free app that allows you to share your location. Just simply select a contact with a phone number through the app, set your runtime then just hit ‘send’ and the recipient doesn’t even have to have the app to track your run and this is a cool, unintrusive way that they can know where you are in an emergency situation.

2. Vary Your Route

Don’t do the same predictable routes, it’s unfortunate that, particularly as a woman, I have to make sure I’m not getting unwanted attention and doing the same route over and over can be predictable and offer opportunities to be confronted but the reality is, it’s something that we have to consider. That being said, variety in a running program also helps progress and gives you a better workout as you train all of the parts of your body so it has other benefits too.

3. The Right Shoes

Along with dressing properly having and wearing the right shoes for your running is a must, it’s so important because it’ll help you avoid any foot, ankle and even leg injuries. Things like sprains, muscle tears and in even worse cases a broken ankle can not only be caused by sudden sharp movements but by the slow wear and tear in the wrong footwear leaving you more prone to injury and often messing up your running gait and efficiency. It’s crucial to invest in a good quality pair of shoes for running and you should always keep in mind the kind of terrain you run on when looking for the right pair, or pairs, of shoes.

4. Lights and Reflective Clothing

When you’re running at night, it goes without saying that you should have lights or reflective clothing. There are also other helpful options such as the Volvo Life Paint that I tested which can turn any of your clothes reflective and this will help you to be safe and seen which is essential running safety.

For more clothing and kit options as well as tips check out my Dos and Don’ts of Running In The Dark post which goes into a bit more depth.

5. Dress for The Weather

This is a very important thing when it comes to running and many don’t take the weather into account even though it is an essential part of your health and will also drastically affect your running performance too. No matter what you’re climate, you won’t know if you have frostbite until it’s too late and if you get heatstroke there may be no one around to help you in enough time.

For Tips on Running in The Winter check out this post

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6. ICE Cards

Emergency contact cards are a must, especially if you don’t take your wallet or phone with you when you are out running, these can be the difference between life and death, especially if you have a medical condition so you should always carry one! Luckily I recently posted some ICE cards free printables for adults and kids so everyone can remain safe!

There are SO many crucial safety precautions when it comes to being a runner, beginner or not you need to be prepared for the many dangers. That’s why I’ve given you these important tips for staying safe while running so you can be one step closer to being as safe as possible on your next run. If you know of any other running safety tips please share in the comments!

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