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Easy Scrapbook Background Ideas

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Yes I have a scrapbook – I have a terrible memory, and also I love an excuse to collect lots of things that remind me of places or events that I have been.

I do have a problem though – I am not very crafty, at least I don’t have any natural talent, I get inspiration from other textures, pictures or ideas and then have to simplify them to my artistic ability which sometimes doesn’t go so well.

So I thought I would share with you some of the backgrounds in my scrapbook and how I did them as inspiration for those of you who (like me) need a bit of help making things look craftier than they are :p

 Here are some of my backgrounds for things I have used to brighten up my scrapbooks and given life to the pictures and memories I have put in there.

Dried pressed flowers

I have used this idea a few times for anniversary pages (because I usually get flowers – yay!) I dry and press them in large cookery books (in between two baking sheets to dry them out) and then stick them to a block colour background to add texture and to remind me about them 🙂
Dried Pressed Flowers

Cut Up Cards

I love doing this for birthday pages. I hate throwing things away and so this is a great way to reuse cards I got for my birthday for the pages and I always get funky stickers on my cards so it is a great way to make use of those too!
Cut Up Card Pieces

Paint & Sponge

This is probably the most simple! Using a sponge, dab the paint onto the paper and it creates a great effect behind the pictures.
Sponge Painting

Alternating Colour Double Page

Choose two complimenting but contrasting colours and paint a double page spread in each colour and use a sponge or paintbrush to paint the opposite colour over the top once it is dry. This is one of my favourite methods for double pages as it stands out together. Another option I have tried is black and white which looks really good as well.
Alternating Colours

Drawn Picture Background

It is not very often that I do this because I am not very artistic, BUT if I am in a drawing mood I will create a background picture to put photos over. Usually it is a landscape but on a couple of occassions I have found nice pictures to copy and draw myself. This is one that turned out particularly well and I used watercolour pencils for the background sunset.
A Picture I Drew As A Background

Paper Pouches

Like I said above, I hate throwing cards away, so sometimes I like to paint or colour a picture on a seperate piece of paper and then use it to make a card holder within my scrapbook for my birthday cards. Folding and sticking the paper creates a little pouch that you can put other memorable pieces that you don’t want to glue down too!
Card Pouches

Lace Mesh 3D Effect

When I did a double page spread for the pages of nice things my husband has done. I found some lace from our wedding car ribbon and decided to glue it onto a painted background to make a textured background for the fixing things too. This was a really nice way to add some extra dimension to the page as well as using something memorable. Lace is another favourite of mine to use if I have any lying around from other projects.
Lace Mesh Background

Block Colour Fading

This is a simple way to add a more interesting vibrant background. Start in the corner and using a sponge or by dabbing a brush fade the colour into the centre. I used four colours on mine but you can alternate or just use one colour against the background. I like this one because it looks a little 3D so it is eye catching once you have photos or memories on.
Block Fading

Old School Colouring

There is nothing wrong with good old fashioned colouring in. Do you remember doing this as a child? I still find myself colouring in this way now when I am bored so I decided to turn it into a background!
To create a nicer finish you can use water colour pencils to blend in the strokes (as you can see from this one there is a lot of colouring and so it really shows up!)
Old School Colouring

Colouring Book Cut Outs

I have been bought a couple of adult colouring books and once I am finished with a page I like to cut it out and create shapes to rearrange on the page. This makes me feel like I am getting the most out of the book as well as creating a funky abstract background for the page!
Colouring Book Cut Ups

Do you have any ideas for backgrounds that you want to share? Do you scrapbook? Let me know in the comments section

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