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The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases (+ Infographic)

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In lieu of Cat Week next week we are looking at cat diseases for the furry friends as well as some essential advice to deal with it

If you are lucky enough to have a fur baby, you are well aware of the pure joy they will add to your life. Cats are some of the most curious, kind, loving pets you can have, which is why everyone who owns one is special. After all, cats are very low maintenance, they thrive with just some good food and plenty of water, they love to play and can be very snuggly. All of those reasons (plus many more) make a kitty so endearing as a pet.

Generally, cats are pretty healthy too and for many owners, regular vet check-ups are all they need. That being said, you’ll have to make sure they are kept up on their vaccinations, and always be sure they are spayed/neutered (check out the reasons why here.) but for many owners, that is the extent of veterinary care. However, as with all life, they aren’t immune to cat diseases and can come down with serious illnesses, some of which can be potentially life-threatening. Knowing about them keeps you one step ahead, and when you learn about the ten common diseases in cats, you’ll discover what to look for, how to react, and what can be done.

Basic But Essential Advice

No one wants to see their fur ball get ill, but if something does occur, you need to be ready. That’s exactly why I love this infographic because learning about cat diseases will give you a basic understanding and essential advice on symptoms, treatment options, and perhaps most importantly, what to expect when the vet sends you a bill. For example, if your kitty suddenly begins to exhibit traits like restlessness and increased appetite, yet shows symptoms of weight loss, it may be that they are suffering from feline hyperthyroidism. You’ll be able to uncover the several different treatments to consider, as well as the approximate costs to get it all done.

Your Cat Needs You

As independent as your kitty may be, the truth of the matter is that your cat needs you. You have to make the healthy decisions to keep them vigorous and robust. For that, they will love you completely with every little purr, and for a cat owner, you just can’t ask for more than that.

Infographic Courtesy Of Feline

*Prices are approximate and in US $ as estimations but can vary according to your veterinary surgery and country. 


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