Busy Mums Unite: Interview With ‘The Geeky Mama’

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Being a mum (at least to me) means being busy all the time. Whether it be cleaning, cooking, playtime or running around after them trying to stop them from killing themselves, we tend to do it all.

Now trying to add anything else to that mix can sometimes seem impossible and I love nothing more than to fill my plate with commitments that I spend 80% of the time trying to fulfill and 20% of the time thinking I won’t make it!

Sometimes it is great to seek the comfort and wisdom of someone else who is just like me! This is where Ashley comes in from over at The Geeky Mama, just like me she’s studying but she has the added carnage of having two kids as well as everything else so I wanted to get her perspective on what it is like for her to deal with the chaos in her life. But first:

A Bit About Ashley:

*The Gorgeous Ashley*

Ashley is a mommy blogger,  product reviewer and full-time Radiography student from sunny Arizona who lives with her hubby and children, she wants all mama’s to know they are not alone in this crazy thing they call Mommyhood, whether you’re dealing with tantrums, blowouts or having Post-Partum depression she’s got you covered!

*Guest Post (Everything in blue is my comments and questions)*

The kids are screaming, dishes are piling up in the sink and you just received an email from your professor saying that you have homework due that night. Oh the joy of motherhood! Moms never receive enough credit for everything they do in just a short day. Cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, making sure the kids are healthy and happy, it can be challenging. Let me help all you moms out there on how to survive such a busy day by doing a Q & A so you can see what I do, so I can help you keep your days’ organized!

How many children you have?

I have 2 kids, ages 2 (going on 13) and 5! My youngest is going through his terrible twos and it makes my days harder and longer. Everything seems to turn into a tantrum and the house is always looking like a tornado came through!

How do you deal with your human tornado and keep your house tidy? (something I clearly haven’t mastered yet!)

What I have done with my son, is label toy bins that show pictures of his toys, his brother’s toys, stuffed animals and imagination play time supplies. While cleaning their room, I lay the bins out in the middle of the room and have him guess where the item goes.

This makes him think it’s a game and he tends to have fun with it! I have also taught him and his older brother how to make their bed, and even though it usually looks worse than it did before, they at least learn what they need to do every day.

Another chore I have had my kids learn is folding clothes and putting them away. This helps save me so much time on household chores so I would definitely recommend teaching your child easy chores at an early age. This will help you in the long run!

Love these ideas! especially the tidy away toybox game!!

How do you have time to blog?

Blogging is my outlet for my anxiety.  It has helped me through so much, and I don’t plan on stopping. I had to think of a way to make sure that I had time for it! So what I do throughout the day is keep a notebook around, and whenever something memorable comes up (such as a one liner from my son, or a fun trip to the store) I have it all written down.

I can’t even count the amount of times I have come up with something that I thought was hilarious, not have anything to write it down, and then forget it ten minutes later. Also known as mummy brain (I suffer from this too!)

I also have started using my cell phone to jot down notes as well! The best time for me to blog is at night, so I wait for my little guys to fall asleep and that is when I start writing or doing my research for my next post. I would recommend selecting a time of day that you will have some time to think! (and some peace!)

If you’re you going to school, how do you keep yourself organized?

I attend a community college online, and love it. There are times that I ask, what have I got myself into? Continuing education is very important to me, and being an example for my kids is very rewarding. I want them to grow up wanting to go to college and to strive for excellence.

The way that I keep myself organized is by binders, a calendar and also a white board. I have a binder for each of my classes, with the subject tabs to organize my notes from my assignments. I use the school’s calendar, print it out and hang it on my fridge. Luckily the calendar organizes each class, showing what assignment is due on what day. If for some reason your school does not supply this, you can easily go and print a calendar off, or even buy one, and label it yourself.

I also use a whiteboard on my fridge that I am able to write notes on. I write down the class and the assignments due and this gives me a shout out and a double reminder that I need to get my rear in gear! The board is a little bonus for me as well because I like to list what I will be making for dinner and if there are any reminders for my son’s school.

Lastly, do you have any organization tips for new mums?

I will say that when I had my oldest son, I was scared to death. The only help I got was by word of mouth and what I learned through the years (with trial and error) is that there is no perfect way to be organized. What may work for one person, may not work for another.

What did help me was purchasing a 9 cube organizer with the pull out storage. I was able to separate his diapers, wipes, socks, hand mittens, bottles and pacifiers, not only does this help organize, but it is visually appealing! On his changing table, I kept an adorable baby blue wicker basket and in there I kept all his health products, such as; nail clippers, baby Tylenol, syringe, thermometer, comb, lotion and body wash.

The amount of stuffed animals and toys that he received from family members were a little overwhelming so I ended up buying the net that you can hang up in the corner of the bedroom. This got all of them off the floor and didn’t make it seem as crowded.

No matter your organizing skills, there is always something you can do to help with your busy days. Google, Pinterest, Youtube, and even Bloggers are amazing at showing ideas and tutorials! But no matter how much you have on your plate, know this one thing…

You’re an amazing mom and you can do this!

Are you a pro mum organizer? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Want More of Ashley? Find her here:

The Geeky Mama | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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