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A Volunteers View of Cats Protection

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I love Cats (obviously, I have four), but what actually prompted me to volunteer was my Gramps.

He was also a cat lover (the big cats included) and he sponsored, adopted and donated throughout his life to the welfare of animals and to Cats Protection specifically. He passed away last year and I felt like the cats had missed out to be honest, so I originally started to try and fill the gap he left (if that makes sense?). As a young family we don’t have a lot of money to donate, and with four cats of our own (meet them here) we weren’t able to adopt anymore so I thought the best way I could help would be to donate my time instead.

When did I start?

I started in January 2015 and have over 62 hours under my belt so far (which is a lot less than some of the others on the team!)

What do I do ?

I work on the phone and email helpline – so when you call or email in you might speak to me (sorry :p) – I answer queries, questions and offer advice, support and help to those with cats, looking to adopt or in some instances give up their cat.

I have donated … hours so far and although I have had to cut my phone hours down recently due to other commitments I still volunteer on weekends when I can. I will continue to offer as much time and support as I am able because it is such a great organisation. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit their website here.

The Bad Bits

Giving up of cats –  It’s hard to help arrange the giving up of animals when there are so many looking for homes, luckily Cats Protection don’t put healthy animals down but it can be difficult knowing there is another animal who’s going to be looking for their forever home again.

Injured cats – As a re-homing charity Cats Protection doesn’t have the resources to also provide emergency veterinary assistance, and because not many people know this we get phone calls about sick and injured animals that just mean that we can’t help, we have to direct them elsewhere and not being able to help is the worse part.

There are hundreds of cats out there needing homes or to be rescued and it is difficult knowing that we can’t always reach them all, but focusing on all the positives and help that we’ve provided over shadows all the bad bits 🙂 so..

The Good Bits

There are a lot of great things about working for Cats Protection

The support – it’s a great network of people and volunteers who are all working towards the same thing and we all support one another! – also I can post all the cute cat videos and pictures to them without my friends getting annoyed :p

Helping people too– Providing advice to cat owners to help them understand what is happening with their cats can make a stressful home situation a lot better – ultimately it stops cats being given up, but it is great to start a conversation with someone stressed, concerned and feeling like giving up their cat is the only option and then you manage to give them advice which changes their mind and helps them.

Getting the low down on all things cats – For example did you know that you can register under the Cat Guardianship scheme to have your cat cared for in the event you pass away (kind of like cat custody arrangements) or that if you provide indoor cats with trays of grass it will make their environment more stimulating and help them digest their food better (I’ve learned loads of these little tid-bits)

The Adoptions – Helping hopeful people find branches and answer their questions about adopting a cat so they decide it is for them, means one more cat finds its forever home!

Ultimately I enjoy feeling like I am helping in some way or another and as one of my favorite animals, I like to know they are cared for and help others care for their cats.

How can you volunteer?

There are opportunities for everyone – working from home, fundraising, support, branches and adoption centres there is something for everyone.

Checkout the latest volunteering opportunities here

Or find your nearest Cats Protection to find out how you can help them.

*if you want to support cats protection in a different way, you can find out how here.*

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