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5 Ways to Have Halloween on a Budget

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The cost of Halloween can really add up and although we like to have fun, we definitely don’t like the bank account afterward!

With this in mind, I decided to come up with some ways to help the budget over Halloween this year so that we don’t have to spend too much, especially because we are looking to move house soon and that comes with its own set of expenditure! Here are some of the best ways to have Halloween on a budget and cut back on the cost this year, without cutting back on fun!

Make your own costumes

Trick or treating is the most popular activity to participate in for Halloween and all of the stores seem to be jam packed with beautifully packaged costumes and accessories. While it is obviously easier to just grab a costume that has everything you need all in one and go, these can be very expensive. Check out the charity shops instead this year for eccentric items that you can piece together for the perfect Halloween ensemble, or at least cheap clothes you can rip apart or destroy. You may also find donated complete costumes this time of year too, which means you can get one ready-made for a fraction of the price of what is in store. If you are looking for some inspiration for babies, here are 15 of the best BABY Halloween costume ideas.

Multi-purpose your pumpkin

Don’t let any of it go to waste, why not cook the insides into pumpkin pie (Recipe here) or create a pumpkin theme to a Halloween party or dinner by using them as decoration as well. Pumpkins are usually cheaper to buy than actual decorations and they are so versatile too. Here are 5 things you can do with pumpkins this fall for some Halloween inspiration.

Coupons and Vouchers

This time of year there are plenty of vouchers and coupons around that can help you save on event entry, decorations, costumes and food it is just knowing where to look and when. You can start looking now and just use google to find them but some good places to start are Groupon and for some great codes, discounts and offers.

“Bring your own” parties

Whether it is for the kids or yourself, bring your own parties involve all of your guests bringing a plate (or bottle) to contribute to the event itself which can be a great way of saving on food or drink. You set up the venue and decorations and let your guests bring the food. Or alternatively you could skip hosting this year and go to someone else’s Halloween party instead (who said you had to host one every year?)

Free Activities

Obviously trick or treating is a biggie and this will probably take up the evening on the day itself, why not start a little early and you can go pumpkin picking and support local farmers at the same time (technically not free but inexpensive and usually you don’t have to pay admission). You could also try these 20 Easy Halloween Crafts for kids that you can make at home or some of these 20 Spooktacular Free Halloween Printables.

Bonus Tip: Prepare for next year

While this is not going to help you now, the best time to buy Halloween costumes and decorations is actually just after Halloween. Check the discount section at the supermarket and the reduced items for all of the leftover items they are trying to get rid of for half price (or better discounts). Pop them in a box in your garage, loft or shed and next year you won’t have to share a thing.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween on a budget?

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