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#YumTum 13, and We are feeling Keen!!

(Not a lot of things rhyme with 13!!)

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome back to #YumTum, we had a few new YumTumians last week which was great to see and thank you to everyone for commenting!

I have decided as we are getting a bit bigger that I will look for a co-host, either permanently (if you are up for it??) OR different every week! That way it will try and encourage those with one or two comments to be getting a few more! What do you think?

Want to Co-host #YumTum ? Drop an email to: (or leave a comment on this post) – How exciting!

This week I have linked up my revamped – Healthier Than Most, Pesto Pasta with Cheesy Chicken! for you to sink your teeth into! – it is so quick and easy to do that it is one of the signature staples in our mealplan!

Don’t forget I will be sharing ALL posts linked up on TWO of my social media channels – The #YUMTUM Pinterest board and one other form of social media (although recently I have been stumbling a lot of them too!) so feel free to follow me on: Google+| Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest |StumbleUpon

Now, Let’s #YumTum!!

Last Week’s Most Clicked

It seems everyone loves some carrot cake with this weeks’ most clicked going to the Vegan and Gluten Free Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting by The Peachicks Bakery! I love that they are little, although that doesn’t make them any less tasty!

Vegan, Gluten Free Carrot Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting by The Peachicks Bakery
Image Courtesy of The Peachicks Bakery

 You can find more of The Peachicks here:

The Peachicks Bakery| Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

My Fab Foodie Feature

This week was hard because there were some inspired, delicious recipe’s that I can’t wait to try when I am back in the kitchen! but I LOVED the idea of Chocolate Potato Muffins by Sarah at Tales From The Kitchen Shed using leftover mash! I am not a big mash potato fan, but the husband is so we always have leftovers and I can really get behind turning them into delicious chocolate muffins!!

Chocolate Potato Muffins by Tales of the Kitchen Shed
Image Courtesy of Tales From The Kitchen Shed

You Can Find more of Sarah at:

Tales From The Kitchen Shed| Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


The #YumTum Details

  • Opens Thursdays 5am (GMT) & Closes Saturdays 9am (GMT)
  • My favourite post will be featured in the following weeks linky along with your social media information so other people can see how amazing you are too!
  • I will also feature the most clicked on!
  • Tweet your posts to @themummytoolbox using the #YumTum hashtag and I will retweet them 🙂

The #YumTum Rules

  • Link up to 2 Food Related posts
  • Comment on ONE of the hosts post (or the linky home post if you don’t like the recipe I contribute), The one directly before yours & one other (that way everyone gets at least two comments!)
  • Please include either the #YumTum badge (below) or a link back to the party so other people know where to find it (i’ve tried to make it small and inconspicuous – ish)
  • 3 Strike rule – if you link and run 3 times you are out and won’t be able to participate anymore which would be a real shame! Let’s be respectful and share all those great recipe’s!

*if you haven’t received a comment from the person linking up after you by next week, let me know and I will chase up for you 🙂 *

The #YumTum Badge

The Mummy Toolbox

The Link-up

*By Linking up you give me permission to share your posts on social media (potentially with the featured photo) and to be added to the YumTum email reminder list. Let’s link up and get out there and show me your foodie posts*

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