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Why I Won’t Use “Hands free” In The Car

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I don’t care how useful they are, I don’t want a hands free cradle in the car.

I am talking about the thing that attaches to the dashboard or side of the windscreen that you put your phone into so that you can operate “hands free” with you phone more easily. I am driving now and it’s definitely given me some freedom and independence that didn’t know I needed but one thing everyone keeps trying to get me to get is a hands-free stand to put my phone on. The main reason for this is because I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever and when I start to venture further out, I will need to use a satnav. The issue they are having is that I keep saying no, and I will tell you why.

Driving can also be really boring! If you don’t have a driving partner or someone else in the car and are driving for long periods of time, I already find myself fiddling with the radio at a red light, adjusting the windows or mirrors when stuck in traffic or just getting distracted by things around me as I am driving and I have only been doing it a couple of months!

I grew up as technology started to become more popular, when “brick phones” were the norm and the idea of technology at the wheel started claiming lives and they had the initiatives to try and stop it. I was shown videos in school about the implications of checking your phone, we went to a seminar in college where we met people affected by car accidents and lost loved ones because of using technology at the wheel and I am not going to lie, it has scarred me for life. Clearly it has done its job.

I don’t know if it is also because I am a parent to two small ones but I don’t need to be killing myself or others and missing out on anything because I couldn’t wait until I got home to check my phone and that is what I feel a hands free cradle would be to me. It would be a gateway. Yes, the satnav would be helpful but I can have that on in the compartment under the radio out of view. With my phone on the dashboard it’s another excuse to get distracted, another thing to play with when I am bored and with all the good intentions I would probably check my notifications when I am stopped if I saw they were there. Can you help yourself if you see someone sending you a message, I will just send them a quick reply…

Then where does it end? I could checked notifications or the weather or a traffic report and nothing might happen. I could then start texting or calling and taking a selfie but quite frankly it’s all a distraction that you shouldn’t have in the car. If something is so important, I will pull over and waste the extra two minutes on the side of the road rather than wasting the rest of my life saying “what if” being distracted and causing an accident.

This is a bit of a waffly and ranty post but I think I intended it as a reminder to others to never make your distractions in the car, the norm. Hands free seems like a good idea but it is still a distraction and all it takes is a minute for the unspeakable to happen and I couldn’t live with that kind of guilt.

I am also putting this out there as a way to hold myself accountable. When I become fully comfortable driving I want to keep this mentality to remind myself that nothing is more important than safety for me and my family which is why I will never have hands free in the car.

Do you think I am being silly or are you also against “hands free“? 


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