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Volvo Life Paint Review – Runner Style!

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So thanks to my husband being handed this nifty can at a train station in London by way of a freebie – Thanks, Volvo – I got to test out this new Volvo Life Paint!

As an avid runner, I don’t like to make excuses about the dark but I have to say my budget doesn’t extend to ALL of my running clothes being reflective! So if I don’t have reflective wear I don’t run very often (unless in a dire emergency- like I’m going to throttle everyone otherwise). I am a firm believer in the be safe, be seen campaign and with small children and hubby at home I refuse to be a statistic.

It is as much my responsibility as a driver to make sure I am safe on the roads at night.

I have to say I was skeptical! I thought it was a practical joke at first when my husband came home with this Volvo Life Paint free sample and I thought he was going to spray me with silver car paint as a joke!
I’m very glad I was wrong. This paint is initially targeted at cyclists but I think it has so much potential for runners too!! It has been proven that multiple points of reflection are the most effective way of being seen in the dark and the Life Paint allows you to use it in various larger areas to be extra safe! Plus, it is a cheaper alternative to buying several outfits of reflective clothing!
You can literally spray it on and go and it works by reacting to the glare lights of headlights (or camera flash in the picture) which makes it “glow” in the dark, so you can be seen.
The water-based paint is washable and has yet to stain or discolour anything I have used it on so far! (I pre-tested a few of my favourites just in case)
As you can see I sprayed it on my; shorts, legs and socks (I was wearing a backpack with reflector so didn’t need it anywhere else! ) and it lasted all evening, it is invisible under normal light so when I turned up to netball I didn’t look like I had been attacked by a graffiti gang!
I was stopped on two occasions during my run by passers-by other runners asking what it was and where they could get some!
It’s a fabulous and cheaper alternative to reflective clothing that has so many applications, such as;

All I will say is; spray it outdoors – it’s an aerosol and goes everywhere

I would definitely recommend to anyone travelling in the dark and wants to be seen! Well Done Volvo!

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*This is not a paid for review, this stuff is awesome and I wanted to share with you guys. I genuinely think it could save lives!*
*I tested it on a patch of skin and old running gear before spraying it all over myself – so those with sensitive skin may wish to test too*
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