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The Netball Court

Netball basics Court Position picture
Defensive Third – Where you try to stop the opposing team scoring (in the semi-circle)
Centre Third – Where the first passes are made. After each goal is scored it returns to the centre circle to the appropriate ‘playing centre’ to start passing
Attacking Third – Where your team scores (in the semi-circle)

Netball Basics – Netball Positions:


Centre (C)  – Allowed everywhere but the semi-circles
Wing Attack (WA) – Allowed in the attacking third/centre but not the semi-circle
Goal Attack (GA) – Allowed in the attacking third/centre and the attacking semi-circle
Goal Shooter (GS) – Allowed in the attacking goal third and attacking semi-circle


Wing Defense (WD) – Allowed in the defensive third/centre but not the semi-circle
Goal Defense (GD) – Allowed in the defensive third/ centre and defensive semi-circle
Goal Keeper (GK) – Allowed in the defensive goal third and defensive semi-circle

Note: All positions to a degree will attack and defend depending on positioning and where the ball is being played but these are the general considerations.

Netball Basics – The Rules

3 Seconds: You can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before releasing it or it is turned over to the other team

3 Feet: You must defend the ball from at least three feet away from the landing foot of the player with the ball.

Footwork: Once you receive the ball you cannot step with your landing foot (you may lift it off the ground but as long as you are holding the ball you must not put it back down), you can use the other foot to pivot on the spot to adjust your view so long as you do not drag the landing foot.

*Note: if you land with both feet you can chose a landing foot and move the other, once the choice is made however you cannot change it.*

  • Players must not be wearing jewellery e.g. rings/necklaces/bracelets
  • Fingernails must not extend over the edge of the finger
  • Hair should be tied back (very long hair should be tied up further e.g. a bun or plait etc)
  • Only GA/GS can shoot as long as they are within the semi-circle
  • Only 7 players allowed on the court at a time

Note: These are the real netball basics – there are more in-depth rules, click here.


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