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Toy Car Paint Jobs

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Sometimes as a mummy we must learn new skills (very quickly) and this week I had the pleasure of learning how to detail cars!

Toy cars that is! – at 3 (almost 4) Spencer is a petrol head and loves cars (just like his father) but being a toddler he prefers the crashing as opposed to the:

“Speed and Aeromatics” – Mater, Cars

Because of this all of the paint has started chipping off of his cars leading to a very sad little boy who thinks he can no longer race them without a decent paint job (all the other cars would definitely laugh at poor lightning)

“The Rear Wing is Ruined” *profuse crying* – Spencer

So I set to work!

I have an array of nail varnishes so I was hoping a little of my  “hooker red” somewhere or another would do the trick!

Turns out the perfect lightning Mcqueen red is also “030 Double Decker Red” by “Rimmel London”

As you can see the nail varnish detailing has meant Mcqueen looks great and ready to race!

Before and After McQueen’s Paint Job


When I don’t have the right colours, I test out new “Paint jobs” and Spencer brings his cars to “Ramone’s (mummy’s) Body art” for a new lick of paint ready for race day!

“Race Day” & One Happy Chap


Job Done!

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