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It’s easy to get sucked in the chaos of everyday life with so many things to juggle all at once. But organising your home life, no matter how difficult it may seem, can actually be possible by focusing your mind on certain strategies. Here are twelve ideas that can make your home life more organised.

12 Tips in Organising Your Home Life

Have Wastebaskets in Areas Needed

A lot of activities happen in your living room. Homeworks and craft projects are done there, and we sometimes eat snack in the living room too while doing these things. Therefore, trash would eventually build up. 

Going to the wastebasket in another room could be exhausting and time-consuming, so family members tend to just leave the trash lying around. It would be a good idea to add a wastebasket where it’s needed to minimise clutter and maximise the time you have. 

One drawback to this strategy is that the wastebasket may smell bad and it may not go well with the aesthetic design of the room. What you can do is simply get a wastebasket that matches your décor and make sure that it comes with a lid to keep the smell in.

De-clutter Lose Objects

Paper, magazines, books, keys, and charger cords should have their own containers so they won’t be left on the table. You could arrange them regularly, yes. But more often than not, it may be hard to maintain. The best thing to do is to have boxes as storage for these things to make it easier to maintain and organise. 

Manage Your Cords

We’ll probably be forever stuck with tangled cords and cables behind our TVs, consoles, or DVD players until the world goes entirely wireless. The good news is, there are items you can purchase online to solve this problem, such as a cable yo-yo. 

This amazing invention covers up your cords and would stick on almost any type of surface. Aside from that, there’s also a cable zipper. This one encloses all your cables in a tube and makes it look neat.

Organise Your Game Area

If your family loves playing games together, then it’s a good idea to designate a space for all your board games, card games, blocks, and other types of games you may have. A cabinet or storage box are viable options. By creating a game area, you are making it easier to organise the clutter in your living room.

De-clutter DVDs

Take a few minutes of your day to clean up your DVDs. Segregate the movies according to these categories:

  • Movies you watch over and over again
  • DVDs you will probably watch again someday
  • Movies you will never watch again

For the DVDs that fall in the last category, you could either sell them online to earn extra money, or donate them to a worthy cause.

De-clutter Collections

Collections could be difficult to let go, but the reality is that as you add more items, you will lose valuable storage space. Eventually, it will become harder to organise all your collections. Don’t fret though. I’m not suggesting that you get rid of some of them.

What you can do is to display these items by batch instead of all at once. This way, the space where you keep them will not look too cluttered, and your guests will always have something new for their eyes when they visit. 

Make Use of Your Walls

You can hang some canvas bins on sturdy hooks on your wall, so you could free up some floor space. You can also put up books, DVDs, and other loose items and turn them into a wall décor.

Make Use of the Space Behind Your Couch

The space behind your couch shouldn’t be left empty to collect dust,. Take advantage of it. You could put add low trunks or tables to store your extra blankets and pillows.

Organise Photographs

As much as it’s nice to showcase your photos, it’s also good to be well-organised. If you think you have too many small photo frames in your house, a good way to organise these  is to turn them into a collage.

You can use a collage frame to showcase a lot of photos in one frame. This allows you to save more space, and your photos will also look elegant.

Create an Outbox

When you create a space dedicated for items that are outgoing, such as packages, things to be returned, and the like, you prevent them from crowding over the place. The space will also serve as a reminder that the items there are supposed to be taken out.

Don’t Hoard

Get rid of items and clothes that you don’t use anymore. Throw out those items that are stained, worn out, or unusable so they can be recycled. For never-been-used items, it’s a good idea to put them into a charity box, sell them online. 

Remember that every item you bring to your home may contribute to the clutter which makes organising your home life difficult over time.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Having a regular cleaning routine means you would be cleaning less in the future because everything is maintained. Clean up every tiny bit of mess you pass by so it won’t build up. It’s a good idea to have a schedule for general cleaning, where every nook of your house should be scrubbed clean. 

If you have kids and pets, it’s even more crucial to keep your home clean!


Having an organised home life is healthy for you and the people around you. It gives everyone peace of mind, as opposed to seeing a lot of clutter in every corner of the house. These twelve tips in organising your home life are very simple and they don’t even cost a lot of money.