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Netball shoes! We need them, they keep us moving and lets be honest a girl has got to shop! My current netball shoes are by Asics and I’ve had them a while so I thought it was about time I wrote a review on them!

So, Let’s be clear, I love these shoes, they are one of the best netball trainers I have had! I will keep the review honest though because there are a few negatives to them as well! This isn’t a paid for review (I just wanted to tell you how much I loved them) but there is an affiliate link at the bottom to amazon. For more about my affiliates visit my “Affiliates” page.

Asics gel academy 5 netball shoes
Asics gel academy 5 netball shoes


Name: Asics Gel Academy 5

Price: £80 (when I bought them, they have dropped since then – Bargain)

Bought From: Amazon

Colour: White and purple

Special Features: 

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot cusioning gel
  • High abraision rubber for outside durability
  • Great support
  • Cushioning inside for durability and responsiveness

Stability: High

Bounce: Medium

Style: Classic and simple



I love these because I feel supported when playing as I change direction and run (a lot). These give good ankle support and are a great sturdy material that also gives you extra protection if your toes are trodden on.  They are in the middle range price category and they look quite simple and neat so will go with most dresses/kits (and lets be honest that counts).

These are the most stable netball shoes I’ve had so far and with the winters we have been having they give me a bit more peace of mind. I think they would be great for those returning from foot or ankle injury (in my opinion)


They have all of the cushioning to support bounce and movement but the added support and stability comes at the cost of being a bit heavier (the extra weight takes some getting used to) – this is more noticeable when jumping and can feel quite “clunky” at first.

Also not much choice in the way of colours!

Off the court: I’ve worn these a couple of times to run in and although they are netball shoes they were pretty good. They will do in a pinch! They provide quite good ankle stability for plyometrics at the gym too.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars – because for me the extra weight is worth me not worrying about injury and gives me the peace of mind to focus purely on the game.

Where can I get them?

Amazon or Netball UK sell these and they come in most women’s sizes. Here is an affiliate link for them on amazon:

*They have now been superceded by the Gel Academy 6 netball shoes but are still available to buy*

*For more information on Asics and their shoes visit their website*

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