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How do you enjoy running?

woman running through the grass with clear blue sky above

Running has been the subject of a lot of my conversations recently (with New Year’s resolutions looming many friends want to know more about it) and a lot of people tell me they don’t run which for me is terrible because you are really missing out. Particularly parents.
The two main reasons as far as I can tell for people avoiding running are either:

 “I don’t know how”


“I don’t enjoy it”

Which I don’t understand because what’s not to love;
  • You’re getting fitter, healthier and exercising
  • You can travel around and go on scenic routes
  • Time to yourself (which is one of my favourite perks) OR
  • Quality time with others where you just chat and workout – Kid Free!

I can help with both of the above issues. If you need help with starting running then take a look at my Walk/Running post as part of “The Beginner Running Series” for a free printable schedule for beginners.

NEXT let’s discuss the enjoyment factor!
I appreciate that at first running can be difficult and feels more like a chore but as a general rule there are some easy ways to train yourself to enjoy it! I warn you though once you start it will be really hard to stop.

1. Mix it up

Keep your training program varied! no one likes to do the same distance or route all the time and your body won’t improve either! Add in different workouts e.g. changes of speed or effort to keep it fresh! or try out some different types of running (see number 5).

dad and I standing at the start of the bognor prom 10k in the sunshine
Dad and I on one of our 10K runs – Mixing up the distance

2. Have an easy day

If running has seemed like a chore recently then ditch the watch or equipment and just go for a run, just for you. Appreciate it, don’t count it towards anything just go out without any pressure to achieve anything. Sometimes forcing yourself to do something all the time makes you start to dislike it even more, so take the pressure off!

3. Take the scenic route

Running the same route all of the time can be really boring – change it up and go somewhere different – if it takes you off road then so what! don’t be afraid to go on an adventure! Some of my best runs have been when i’ve tried something new and gotten a bit “lost”

man running into the distance, bright sun and yellow background - Take the scenic route - ways to enjoy running4. Take a friend

I love to run on my own but sometimes I need company and run with other people! If you are struggling to find motivation on your own and keep turning back mid-run, this is a great way to keep motivated and get some quality friend time in! Also running with a friend is a great way to tackle long runs as you forget about the distance and just keep talking!Two friends running side by side on a bridge Take a friend - ways to enjoy running

5. Try Different Types of Running

Depending on where you live will depend on the types of running available but don’t think you are limited to just road running! Find a bridleway or cycle route nearby and go on an adventure discovering new routes. The different types of running that you could try are (but not limited to):
  • Cross Country
  • Road Running
  • Hills (although i’m not sure anyone REALLY enjoys hill running)
  • Track Running
  • Beach Running (if you have one close enough)
  • Indoor/treadmill running

women running in the rain alongside a row of benches with a bridge in the background on a gloomy day - Try different types of running - Ways to enjoy running6. Music

For me this is one of the main ones! I wrote an entire post on “Should I Run With Music?” and for me the answer is Yes! I have also recently discovered apps that keep you motivated with interactive games in your headphones (my current favourite is Zombies, Run – I will be reviewing this at a later stage too)

How do you enjoy running? do you want to start? Let me know where you stand in the comments section!

Looking at how you can make running more enjoyable and ways you can teach yourself to enjoy running. #runchat #runners #running #run #runner

18 comments on “Teach Yourself To Enjoy Running”

  1. I have to admit I hate running, I just don’t find it enjoyable at all. My husband goes for a run most mornings (we can’t go together because we have a 3 year old). I am much more of sociable class kind of person like zumba

  2. My mummy is a fan of treadmill running, as she can switch off and not watch her feet and where she is going! 😉 A great informative post for those who want to take it up!

  3. I love all of these tips! I am an avid runner, but have definitely found myself in slumps at different times where I just don’t want to get out there and pound the pavement! I will keep all of these tips in mind. Thank you so much for sharing this great post in the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-up! Have a Great Week!! 🙂

  4. Charlotte – these are great tips to get people to try running. It truly is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Pinning this to my Group Running Board! I’m sending you an invitation right now! 🙂

  5. Running and I just don’t bud, I used to do 5k at work at lunch time then I changed jobs and just fell out of sync and now can’t be bothered.

  6. I hated running when I started back in 2012, then in 2013 I started to run regularly and loved it! I did my first 10k last year having had a year of minimal running through pregnancy and breastfeeding, I’ve been unable to run at all this pregnancy for medical reasons but am itching to get going again!xx

  7. You’re making it all look so easy (which is quite motivating).

    I’d love to get to the stage where I’m fit enough to go running. At the moment, I can run about 100m before I am doubled over and out of breath. I’m going to try and get some sort of better level of fitness on an exercise bike then try out some running. Wish me luck – I’ll be coming back here for pointers!

  8. I love listening to motivational talks as I workout. Music is awesome too, but I really love learning something while exercising. It takes my mind off the burn.

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