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7 Netball Defence Drills to Improve Your Game!

Aside from being fit enough to keep up with your player you need to learn how to “actively defend” against the opposing player to disrupt the other teams’ attacking strategies. Creating effective defence can be difficult during a game because you have to adapt as your opposition starts to identify your plans, therefore you need […] Read more…

beginner hiit

20-Minute Beginner HIIT Workout

This 20 minute (ish) beginner HIIT workout is designed to fit in around your busy day whilst still getting the most out of your time. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves alternating short periods of hard effort with short periods of recovery. This form of exercise is great for burning calories in a short amount […] Read more…

workout plan

5 Reasons You Need A Workout Plan

While it is true that any type of physical exercise is better than no exercise at all, it is also true that following a workout schedule can become a deciding factor in your toning up or weight loss success recipe. Hopping on the cardio machine for a couple of minutes, trying out all the available […] Read more…

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