Dollar Tree DIY Unicorn Frame Craft

I have a unicorn-obsessed 3-year old right now, and for those that have a Dollar Tree (or Amazon, or Poundland) this is a cheap unicorn craft idea to keep them amused! The end result should look something like this: (but to be honest, it’s fun to let them go wild with the glitter and the […] Read more…

group of pimpkins, white and orange

5 Fun Ideas for Pumpkins this Fall

We all know it is the season of the pumpkin! (it’s not like you could miss it!) and they are everywhere this time of year, but what can you do with them exactly? I don’t know about you but sometimes it fills me with dread thinking about ways to be inventive with the pumpkins each […] Read more…

Easy Scrapbook Background Ideas

Easy Scrapbook Background Ideas

Yes I have a scrapbook – I have a terrible memory, and also I love an excuse to collect lots of things that remind me of places or events that I have been. I do have a problem though – I am not very crafty, at least I don’t have any natural talent, I get […] Read more…

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