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10 Money Lessons for Children Under 10

10 Money Lessons for Children Under 10

Teaching good financial habits to our children is important in life, which is why I’ve compiled these money lessons for children. In a child’s eyes, money is something that just suddenly “appears” or becomes visible instantly just by asking their parents for it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked that way for adults as […] Read more…

Priorities as a Parent

Setting Priorities as a Parent

Recently my husband and I had an argument (I know it happens) but actually, although I hate to admit it, he’s right (it had to happen some time!) It had something to do with setting priorities as a parent.  As a rule I like to be busy and take on a lot of commitments – […] Read more…

parenting is hard but here are some examples of positive parenting styles to combat the keyboard warriors and negativity that is raging at the moment.

8 Examples Of Positive Parenting Styles Online

Parenting is HARD and it is something everyone loves to discuss but I like the idea of positive parenting.  I’ve seen Twitter wars over what’s wrong or right for your kids and keyboard warrior mum and dads telling people that their way is best and getting very defensive, (and opinionated) when telling you why. While I […] Read more…