15 Ways to Make Your Child Smile

15 Ways to Make Your Child Smile Each and Every Day

Seeing your child smile is enough to make your entire day. Knowing that their smile came from something that you did to make them feel happy is an amazing feeling, one that we should strive for on a daily basis. Think about the last time that you got a smile from your child that you know […] Read more…

10 Money Lessons for Children Under 10

10 Money Lessons for Children Under 10

Teaching good financial habits to our children is important in life, which is why I’ve compiled these money lessons for children. In a child’s eyes, money is something that just suddenly “appears” or becomes visible instantly just by asking their parents for it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked that way for adults as […] Read more…

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6 Useful Strategies to Keep a Clean Home with Kids and Pets

I can’t seem to achieve a clean home with both kids and pets!  I feel like it’s just a fact of life at this point. But, I still relentlessly try to keep it presentable for the rest of the world! So, when Jenny contacted me about offering a few tips to you all (and myself) […] Read more…

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10 Books to Read to Your Child Before Bedtime

I’ve talked about how to encourage toddler reading before…(read that here.) It’s something we thoroughly enjoy as a family and luckily it’s fostered a love of reading in our eldest! It’s all about quality time and it’s such an important part to help them grow and learn. Hearing the words, listening to them being used […] Read more…

Priorities as a Parent

Setting Priorities as a Parent

Recently my husband and I had an argument (I know it happens) but actually, although I hate to admit it, he’s right (it had to happen some time!) It had something to do with setting priorities as a parent.  As a rule I like to be busy and take on a lot of commitments – […] Read more…

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Parent Party Planning For A 6 Year Old

Parent party planning, how not to do it, plus some things I actually learned, tips, tricks and ideas for the future.  There are certain moments in your life that you realise you are out of your depth. This is one of them. Unfortunately I am not an event planner, otherwise, this post would be irrelevant […] Read more…

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