I hate waste, so after creating recipes that leave the egg yolk I needed ideas for the leftovers, here are meal, dessert and snack ideas to choose from.

Leftover Egg Yolk Recipes

Anyone who knows me will know I am a lover of eggs, these diverse little things are great ingredients and yet tasty on their own (not many foods have this bragging right!) also they are chocked full of protein and are good for you (in moderation). So, why am I bringing this up you ask? […] Read more…

Wine Bottle Gift Pouch

This is a step-by-step guide to making a wine bottle gift pouch but can easily be adapted to make smaller gift pouches for jewelry and other smaller items. It is a beginner/easy hand sewing project (you can use a sewing machine if you want too) so if you need beginner tips and advice on hand […] Read more…