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An interesting and delicious new clean eating recipe that mixes things up! This pesto turkey and asparagus is perfect for family meal prep.

Pesto Turkey & Asparagus

 Pesto turkey may sound like a strange combination but I promise you won’t regret it! Add this to your latest meal plan and it’s a fun, new and interest way to eat healthier lean meat.  While doing the food shopping the other day I came across turkey mince and I honestly had no idea it existed! […] Read more…

Winter is coming and as a cold person I need to warm myself up from the inside, this is where this delicious beef stew soup comes in, perfect for the cold!

Winter Warming Beef Stew Soup

I am a cold person, I don’t do well in the winter, I don’t enjoy the cold and I turn into a whiner (can you tell??) So one of the things that I enjoy is food that leaves you feeling warm and tingly from the inside and heats you up properly! There is nothing worse […] Read more…

Mediterranean Chicken

*Family Favourite* *can be boxed and re-heated* Ingredients 150g mushrooms 1 pepper 1 onion 1 Courgettes 1 tomato 200g potatoes (I used Charlotte potatoes, baby potatoes are also great) 300g chicken 1 Sachet of Coleman’s season and shake (available at all good grocery stores) *Note: so here’s the thing – it looks a bit like […] Read more…