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The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases (+ Infographic)

In lieu of Cat Week next week we are looking at cat diseases for the furry friends as well as some essential advice to deal with it If you are lucky enough to have a fur baby, you are well aware of the pure joy they will add to your life. Cats are some of […] Read more…

Answering the question, should you microchip your cat? Find out what microchipping is, the pros,cons and the answers to all of your microchip questions.

Should You Microchip Your Cat?

Microchipping has been deemed so beneficial in England that as of April 2016 it is now compulsory to have your dog microchipped and honestly I think the microchip for cats should be the same. So, I have come across many people who don’t realize how easy and beneficial microchipping is. If you haven’t heard of […] Read more…

What do you do if you find a cat? how do you know if it has an owner, what if it is injured and who do you call? All the answers and more!

What to do if you find a Cat

Have you ever seen a cat on the street and thought, “I wonder if it has an owner?” and then had no idea how to find out, what to do or if you should do anything?  Do you know of a cat that has been abandoned? Has a cat found you and clearly doesn’t belong […] Read more…

A roundup of the rarest domestic cat breeds with characteristics, defining features and fun facts for all you need to know about these rare domestic cats.

10 Rare Domestic Cat Breeds

Unlike dogs, people rarely ask about cat breeds because usually, the answer is a domestic short or longhair (or you have no idea) meaning a combination or mix.   But since I love cats and it is cat week after all, I thought we could take a look at some of the rarest cat breeds that […] Read more…

The Mummy Toolbox #CatWeek 2015

*Edit: #CatWeek ran from Monday 2nd October – Sunday 8th October 2015 and was a resounding success, Thank you to everyone who contributed, got involved and supported!  – We might make it a yearly occurrence from now on 🙂 * So I had a massive fail and completely missed out on the real #CatWeek. I […] Read more…

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