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The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases (+ Infographic)

In lieu of Cat Week next week we are looking at cat diseases for the furry friends as well as some essential advice to deal with it If you are lucky enough to have a fur baby, you are well aware of the pure joy they will add to your life. Cats are some of […] Read more…

Who doesn't love a mani-pedi?? Make sure that you take care of your cat's claws with these claw care tips to avoid health complications in the future.

Cat Claw Care Tips

Who doesn’t love a mani-pedi?? It turns out that cats do too, at least some of them anyway, but regardless it is an essential part of their care that you need to consider to keep them healthy. In the wild, cats use their slightly curved claws to; hunt prey, for balance and for climbing and […] Read more…

Weight Loss Tips For Your Fat Cat

Calling all kitty CHUBSTERS! – this ones for you! If you have a fat cat in your life then pay attention! We love them, we hug them and we feed them, but what happens when you feed them a little too much?! It seems silly but overweight cats can have a host of health problems […] Read more…