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A cat bathing in sunlight which reduces anxiety in cats

How to Reduce Anxiety in Cats

    Anxiety in cats, as in humans, can damage their well-being and health. A cat that is under stress can start showing behavioural problems, health issues, and may even lash out at the most loving of owners.  But first, let’s look at some of the signs of anxiety in cats that you might not […] Read more…

illnesses you can transfer to your pet feature image. Man facing away from camera hugging a golden retriever with landscape in the background

5 Illnesses You Can Transfer to Your Pet

As it turns out there are plenty of illnesses you can transfer to your pet! I’ve frantically researched and this is what you need to know. In the search for cat and puppy care, I was researching things to avoid for dogs and came across the fact there is a thing called a ‘zoonosis’. A […] Read more…

black and white cat licking it's friend

The Importance of Regular Vet Checks (+Free Record Printable)

No-one likes visiting the vet, but regular checkups are important! Let’s be honest, vets are expensive and a pain in the ass! But, they are essential for making sure your cat stays healthy. While we don’t always visit the GP, we do have regular health checkups to make sure nothing sinister is happening and keep […] Read more…

why does my cat lick me

Cat Licking – Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

My cat won’t stop licking my face! Today we talk about the reasons behind cat licking. Cat licking behaviour is a strange one because some cats do it and others don’t. I really wanted to add this one to Cat Week this year because my cat Hades is a serial licker! He has woken me […] Read more…