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Hola! Learning Spanish numbers can be made fun when you do it the Connect Four way!

Unlike the traditional Connect Four game though, this version is a board game with a Spanish twist.

Spanish Numbers Connect Four

What you need for this game are:

  • 2 Pieces of dice
  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Set of colored tokens for each player

You can download the game board and the tokens for free below:

Spanish Numbers Connect Four is played as a board game with the same rules as the traditional Connect Four:

  1. Print out the game board and the tokens.
  2. Cut the tokens and assign one set of tokens to each player.
  3. Let player 1 roll the two dice.
  4. Get the sum of the two dice and place the first player’s token on the corresponding number on the board.
  5. Player 2 takes his/her turn.
  6. The first player to cover four places in a row is the winner.

This Spanish number game will surely entertain not only the children, but also everyone in the family. So enjoy and have fun learning Spanish numbers!

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