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Recently my husband and I had an argument (I know it happens) but actually, although I hate to admit it, he’s right (it had to happen some time!) It had something to do with setting priorities as a parent. 

Priorities as a Parent

As a rule I like to be busy and take on a lot of commitments – I feel like I thrive under pressure and the more I have on my plate the better I feel. But I dropped the ball on parenting as a result and it was because I had my priorities all wrong.

I noticed my little guy acting naughtier and naughtier, he wouldn’t let me get anything done, he started hitting and kicking and I couldn’t work out why. I know that boys tend to be more boisterous (obviously) and that they are a lot more physical so to an extent it is just another developmental phase, however he was never this bad and he wouldn’t deliberately hurt others.

The husband “pointed out” that since I started my university course again, in addition to netball, running, work and housework I might have added too much to my plate.

The one thing I realised is that I can’t do everything and that even though I might work well when I am buzzing around and getting a million things done, my little guy needs me to slow down some times and give him full attention rather than trying to multi-task. I need to properly set priorities as a parent.

We’ve set certain times of the day aside and started implementing a new bedtime routine that incorporates more “us time” plus I has started taking him running too so it’s something we can do together and it tires him out) and since then we have seen an improvement in behaviour!