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I get told almost constantly “I can’t run” ” I don’t see the point” “I don’t see how you do it…or why?” “why would you just run?” (among others, so I decided to address the real *selfish* reason that I run)

Sure I am getting fit and yes it keeps me healthy… aren’t these selfish enough reasons you ask?


I run because I want more time!

I’ll explain…

I am quite a productive person, so I like to think I can achieve a huge amount in an 8-hour working day and I can organize my week to accommodate all the things I need to get done…but that’s the problem…. When you get older you think of time in days, months, years, but when you are a child, a minute seems to last forever, an hour is basically the same as the whole day and time seems to go so slowly that you can never get anywhere or do anything fast enough – for you a year is a third or a fifth or a tenth of your lifetime! you can’t fathom any MORE time than that!

But since getting older and having my own child I’ve learned that time is quick, there’s never enough of it and I just want it to slow down so I can take a moment!! I hate growing up (always have and I always will)

…and this is why I love running – a minute (or even 30 seconds) can feel like a lifetime when you are sprinting,  the last mile of a race (at the moment for me that’s under 9 minutes) makes you feel like you can’t carry on “how could I possibly last a whole 9 minutes” it feels never-ending.

Running is just like being a kid again, and it lets me make use of every second because for me it slows time down! I am not squandering it and I am not trying to do more than one thing at once, I am completely in the moment and making the most of it for myself.

It’s like never growing up! and when it’s over and you get back home again and you’re done… you’ve actually only taken half an hour, 40 minutes or an hour out of your day, but I walk away feeling like I have had an adventure and so I get to live so much more in the space of a single day!

and if that makes me selfish, then so be it!!

Why do you run?



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