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I get told almost constantly “I can’t run” ” I don’t see the point” “I don’t see how you do it…or why?” “why would you just run?” (among others, so I decided to address the real *selfish* reason that I run)

"One Person's craziness is another person's reality - Tim Burton quote on runner background - The Real Selfish reason I run

Sure I am getting fit and yes it keeps me healthy… aren’t these selfish enough reasons you ask?


I run because I want more time!

I’ll explain…

I am quite a productive person, so I like to think I can achieve a huge amount in an 8-hour working day and I can organize my week to accommodate all the things I need to get done…but that’s the problem…. When you get older you think of time in days, months, years, but when you are a child, a minute seems to last forever, an hour is basically the same as the whole day and time seems to go so slowly that you can never get anywhere or do anything fast enough – for you a year is a third or a fifth or a tenth of your lifetime! you can’t fathom any MORE time than that!

But since getting older and having my own child I’ve learned that time is quick, there’s never enough of it and I just want it to slow down so I can take a moment!! I hate growing up (always have and I always will)Time is what we want most but what we use worst quote on sunset background with pebbles- The Real Selfish reason I run

…and this is why I love running – a minute (or even 30 seconds) can feel like a lifetime when you are sprinting,  the last mile of a race (at the moment for me that’s under 9 minutes) makes you feel like you can’t carry on “how could I possibly last a whole 9 minutes” it feels never-ending.

Running is just like being a kid again, and it lets me make use of every second because for me it slows time down! I am not squandering it and I am not trying to do more than one thing at once, I am completely in the moment and making the most of it for myself.

It’s like never growing up! and when it’s over and you get back home again and you’re done… you’ve actually only taken half an hour, 40 minutes or an hour out of your day, but I walk away feeling like I have had an adventure and so I get to live so much more in the space of a single day!

and if that makes me selfish, then so be it!!

I run because I get to live so much more in a single day quote on mountain background - The real (selfish) reason why I run

Why do you run?


49 comments on “The Real (Selfish) Reason I Run…”

  1. This is such a unique way to look at it! I adore this. I haven’t gone running in ages and I miss that burning I CAN’T DO IT feeling, that ends in pure adrenaline and happiness.

    Be the author of your own story,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

  2. I am a walker. I walk fast. I used to run and I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, for medical reasons I can no longer. I loved being able to accomplish a run in a certain amount of time.

  3. I would have never looked at running this way but you definitely give it a whole new perspective. I used to run when I was younger – maybe I should start again 😉

  4. That’s a great reason to run. I don’t think it’s selfish at all to take a little time for yourself. It’s great for you to take that time.

  5. Ughhh I definitely wish I was more into running!!! My step mom does every race she can possibly sign up for!

  6. Well, maybe I need to take up running! You are right, there is never enough time, and I am realizing that more than ever these days. And you are also right that running seems to take forEVer 🙂

  7. This post is so nice to read. I feel the exact same. I use running to release stress and feel happier again 🙂

  8. These quotes & post are amazing!! It’s unreal what running does for your mind & how it can take you back & help you focus too. I used to run every day but fell out of the habit. It’s definitely much more than just exercise! Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles x

  9. Charlotte, what a cool way to think about things! I don’t run now, I used to though, and I remember that there were some minutes that couldn’t move fast enough for me. You are so in the minute when you run, there is nothing else going through your mind, but the pounding of your feet, the beating of your heart and the need to breath! How cool. Perhaps I need to find what it is that stops time for me like running does for you! I wanna be selfish too! LOL

  10. I think running is a bit of a marmite thing. I’ve tried it, but I’ve only ever seen it as a means to an end: fitness/health. I now do yoga and walking, which suits me better.

  11. It’s great that you enjoy running and get that feeling and freedom of being a kid again from it all. I can’t even run up the stairs at the moment, I don’t think I’ll ever be a runner myself but I commend people who do it.

  12. I don’t like running, I am a little bit lazy. But I am with you with the hating on growing up thing. I am graduating in May from college and just started my first ‘real job’ and its not that I hate it, but I hate the fact that now I need to act more like an adult and less like a kid haha

  13. I don’t run, though I tried to get into in the past. I don’t have the best lung capacity thanks to childhood asthma. But I do workout, and I do it for me. It is the best stress reliever and if that makes you selfish, then so be it. We all need time for ourselves.

  14. Running is not for me, but how awesome that you get so much out of it. I think everything needs to find something that gives them that feeling that you get.

  15. I remembered my feelings when I used to run. I felt so organized and that I indeed had more time and energy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us

  16. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people that hates running, BUT! I make it a point to do it daily because it gives me time to collect my thoughts, plan out my day and get energized. Loved this post!

  17. I don’t think you are being selfish by running. No matter what your reasons, it’s always good to have a bit of me time to help you recharge. Great quote that really makes you think. #candidcuddles

  18. I would love to get into running!
    My plan is to get a great set of headphones and get some warm clothes and run to through the river valley. Life is too short and I would love to get more of it!
    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  19. Absolutely well put! I love how you figured out that being in the moment is your best use of time and really makes you feel like you spent it wisely. Even though I’m not a runner, there is no reason I can’t take that same philosophy to other endeavors.
    Thanks for the new perspective!

    Hugs, LYnn

  20. Oh wow! I run so I can eat cake and only ever worry about finding the time, I never think of it as slowing time down, but yes when I think of your explanation – it’s amazing! I always say I don’t like running, but then worry when I have not found the time for a few days, such a contradiction! Great quotes xx #candidcuddles

  21. Your running and time analogy is fascinating…and so true! A few years ago I took up running and was amazed how long the minutes felt (in the beginning). I also feel accomplished in the duration of my running.

  22. I think we could be friends, I feel exactly the same way about running. I forget about everything else, the ten thousand thoughts that are usually spinning through my head are all quiet and I feel free. I really struggled at the end of pregnancy when I couldn’t run as I felt like I had no outlet! I love that you made your own quote and a great one at that! Thanks for linking up with #CandidCuddles!

  23. Love the idea of wanting more time. Running can make you feel like you are lost in time. I dont run as much as I want, but when I do its a great release.
    Karen |

  24. Time sure does go too quickly! I say this all the time, but I really do need to start running…

  25. I don’t run, but I do go to the gym. It is so important for me to have that alone time every day.

  26. As long as it makes you happy then stuff what others think ey. I know what you mean about time speeding up. the weeks seem to be passing me by way to quickly :/

  27. Hi Charlotte, excellent! I was expecting the usual to get fit and feel good (which are both reasons I run), but never thought of it as slowing time down. Five minutes can seem like a lifetime!

    My selfish reason for running is to have some ‘me’ time; to be out of the house on my own and where nobody can bother me. But I do like your reason better!


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