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8 Examples Of Positive Parenting Styles Online

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Parenting is HARD and it is something everyone loves to discuss but I like the idea of positive parenting.

I’ve seen Twitter wars over what’s wrong or right for your kids and keyboard warrior mum and dads telling people that their way is best and getting very defensive, (and opinionated) when telling you why. While I definitely have my own opinion on certain things and choose to parent or set certain rules, I am a firm believer in that every family is different and that every child is different so I’m not going to stick my nose in to what you’re doing (as long as you don’t start criticising mine!), but I am the first to admit that I’m certainly no expert! I am just trying to survive motherhood since 2012 and sharing my triumphs and failures along the way!

There are many defiitions of positive parenting but to clarify, for me positive parenting is doing what is best for you and your family and trying to figure that out for yourselves by focusing on each other and getting to know one another. That is not to say I don’t agree with punishments or consequences but I am talking about our attitudes as parents more than anything else.

That being said, I wanted to share some positive parenting styles out there and some great accounts that cheer me up across the internet to counteract all the negativity out there!!

Josh Rossi & His Daughter’s Wonder Woman Series

This has to be one of the coolest dads I’ve seen online. He is a digital artist who decided to take some really creative pictures of his daughter as Wonder Woman, which has since gone viral. I love his take on being a dad – using his skills to turn her cuteness into a style we all love and it’s a great role model for kids too to teach little girls that you can be kickass too! Here’s a bit more info on the process it took and an interview with them both: 


The Competitiveness Of Parents & What We Have In Common

I love this video by Similac, a baby formula making company and it had me smiling. There is a lot of truth in the amount of competitiveness we as parents have, in all areas of parenting, yet it also touches on the fact that ultimately, we are all good parents and that however we choose to parent is good enough. “No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first.”

Positive Discipline

Parents magazine has a very interesting video on the differences between positive and negative discipline, the consequences of each, as well as 8 Positive Discipline facts we can note and learn from and believes that raising children with positive discipline will result in children with high self-esteem, while keeping boundaries in place and that sounds good to me.

Sarcasm & Humor Parenting

Sometimes it is all we have to get us through the dark days and one of my favorite go to Facebook pages is Scary Mommy which has me laughing every day. Her slogan is A Parenting Community for imperfect parents which sums me up perfectly! With a range of articles on relatable parenting topics – the hardships, irritations, insecurities and victories it definitely molds us into better parents, and the stories we relate to along the way are sure to keep us laughing, if we are all vulnerable enough to share them with each other! You should also check out this blog post on judgment too because it perfectly sums up the point of this post!

Honest Parenting

Mark Julianelle, owner of Dad & Buried, has a humorous outlook on everything to do with parenting. After a few blog post reads like this “We’re all in this together” article featured on Huffington Post, you appreciate his honesty and humor, and want to yell “ME TOO!” In the long run, we are all going through the same parenting stuff, and we are all doing just fine as parents! A small blog which is brutally honest, and funny too!

On Being Your Child’s Parent, Not Friend

This lady is hilarious, her honest take on parenting will have you in stitches and I definitely feel where she is coming from. She touches on so many topics, from being strict, to not giving in to your children’s every desire, to getting friends your own age {all told while eating ice cream and drinking wine which are my two fav’s} – a really funny honest take on being a parent.

Reminders of how naive we once were

Every parent starts off with the best intentions but let’s be honest, how many of us have followed through entirely on all our “when the baby comes” plans? We definitely have’nt, we had sandwiches for dinner the other day! This expectations Vs reality video is one of my favorites.

That helpful advice

I know it is done with the best of intentions but how crappy is some of the parenting advice we get! I love this funny video that is so realistic and pokes a bit of fun at all the loving advice we parents get! 

and if you love that (like I did, here’s part 2!!

Ultimately, being a parent is hard work, but I think what we can all agree on is that we all have different personalities, different children and different circumstances. We are all doing our best, in our own ways and in our own circumstances, to be the best parents to our children that we can be! There are many different parenting styles out there to help us grow and learn as parents, but at the end of the day, just do you and that’s enough!

Who’s your favorite positive parent? Are you subscribed to any pages or channels I should check out?

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