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I think it’s pretty safe to say that we British are known for our love of Tea! Well what’s better than a decent cuppa? a great biscuit to dunk it in.

I have to admit these take a little time (if you include the prep time) but they are definitely worth it, and you can make things seasonal by making festive shapes too! Nanny will be pleased!



Tea Biscuit Ingredient Graphic

450g Plain Flour

350g Caster Sugar

225g Butter

2 Tsp Vanilla Extract

2 Tsp Baking Powder

2 Eggs


*Pre – Heat oven to 200 degrees*

  1. In a bowl, rub together the flour, baking powder and butter (with your fingers – get stuck in – long nails beware) until you get a breadcrumb consistency – make sure you go right to the bottom and get all the flourBreadcrumb consistency
  2. Stir in the sugar completely
  3. Pre-beat the eggs and add them with the vanilla extract – this will turn it into dough and get get a bit tough but stick at it 🙂 Dough
  4. Flour your work surface and manipulate the dough into two rectangle log shapes ( I went for a square approach because it was a hot day and the dough didn’t like being manipulated too much)  – you can roll it out to a sausage shape for rounder biscuits. Remember the diameter of the log is the diameter of the biscuits (they will spread a bit in the oven as well)dough logs
  5. Wrap each log separately in a layer of greaseproof paper and tin foil *Tip: you can use leftover greasproof paper – on the non used side- to save unnecessarily using new paper*
  6. Put them in the fridge overnight – you can put them in the freezer until you want to use them
  7. 12 hours (or so) later remove them from the greaseproof paper/foil and cut off any cracked edges, (again I went traditional square/rectangle) – you can also cook up the cracked edges or re-manipulate them into another shape or use cookie cutters.Cutting the edges
  8. Cut into 2cm (ish ) thickness pieces and place on a lined baking tray * The thicker the biscuit the more it will spread so leave more room in between* *If you cut them too thick they will be softer in the middle – so more cookie than biscuit*

    Cut into shapes
    This is only one of the logs as I only needed this many biscuits – the other is in the fridge
  9. Cook for 10 mins (until brown around the edges)Out of the oven
  10. Place on a wire rack to cool


Tea Biscuits Final
Enjoy with a nice Cuppa


*Note: This Recipe was adapted from the “1001 cupcakes, cookies and other tempting treats” recipe book* 





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