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This scrub recipe is fantastic for achy muscles. It uses olive oil as a base because when using two fragrances the coconut smell in coconut oil interferes (obviously if coconut is one of the smells then that’s fine).

If you want more information about where to start with making your own homemade scrubs then visit the “Scrubs – Basics” page for which bases, herbs and exfoliants to use.

This one is also great because it looks cool with the alternating colours and the two scents are citrus smelling so they compliment each other.

Scrubs make great homemade pampering gifts, If you want something with a coconut oil base then try the “Winter snow body scrub” or “Sweet Orange Body Scrub” from previous posts.



100g Granulated Sugar

75ml Extra virgin Olive Oil

7-8 drops of lime essence

4 – 5 drops green food colouring


100g Granulated Sugar

70ml Extra virgin Olive Oil

7-8 drops of sweet orange essence

4 – 5 drops orange food colouring

Re-purposed jar


Mix together the sugar and olive oil (for just the lime scrub) until all of the sugar is covered

Stir in the lime essence

Then stir in the green food colouring until you get the desired colour

Lime bowl


In a separate bowl mix the olive oil and sugar until covered and then add the orange food colouring

orange bowl

You should now have two separate bowls and mixtures

Using a funnel or small spoon, scoop some green into the bottom of the jar and pack it down

Next scoop the orange on top and flatten (gently so as not to push through into the green)

bottom jar alternate until full

Alternate until you have filled the jar and pop on a lid and lid cover


These cute “hand made” Jar covers are inexpensive from amazon, Here is the affiliate link for them:

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