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No Bake Chunky Chocolate Treat Bars - Easy to make and even easier to eat! Party favourite and great bribery food!These are one of my most popular recipe’s and a definite party pleaser these are an all round favourite and it’s easy to see why!

Full of sugar, chunky chocolate and crumbly biscuits, make these my absolute favourite treat for a cheat day! (I would eat them everyday but then I would be the size of a house!) Make no mistake these are in no way healthy! (you’re going to love them anyway – you can hate me later).

Incorporating my “Perfect Dunking Biscuits” that I previously posted is a great way to use up any leftovers (unlikely in this house)

AND these are no-bake – do you have a fridge (refrigerator)? good that’s all you will need = easy peasy!

The kids will love making these too because they can get their hands in and get messy.


no bake bar ingredients graphic

100g Biscuits – I used my own Tea biscuits, you could also use digestives/malted milk biscuits or oreos too!

175g Chocolate

55g Butter

100g Raisins (could also add tried fruit/nuts(small nuts)

50g Glace Cherries

2 TBSP Golden Syrup


You can also choose to add sweeties such as smarties!

You can swap out my dunking biscuits for oreos OR try adding in some of your favourite sweets (e.g. smarties) – since they are unhealthy anyway you might as well go all out!!


Crush the biscuits into really small pieces (you can do this with a wooden spoon, rolling pin (or as I prefer) your hands – the kids love this bit)

Broken Biscuits

Mix in the cherries and raisins

Dry mixture

In a separate bowl melt the chocolate

(you won’t be able to use the microwave for this because you need a constant heat for the next step)

*Make sure to check if your  bowl can stand the heat (mine couldn’t and it melted  a LOT little!)*

Melting choc
Double boiler 

Once completely melted, add the butter and golden syrup, stiring until completely mixed in.

*(check for sneaky butter lumps – they hide)*

Take the bowl off the heat and add to the dry mixture you made earlier – cover all of the mixture in the chocolate-y goodness

*Be careful it is still warm! – I defintely did not burn myself*

Mixing the two


Line a tin with greaseproof paper  – and pack it all down, use the back of the spoon – you want it level and as tightly packed as you can get it

*I used an 8″ square tin*


Leave it in the fridge overnight (if you’re in dire need then anything over 3 hours SHOULD just about do it)

Forward 12 hours later
Fast Forward 12 hours later

Flip it upside down onto a chopping board, remove the greaseproof paper and cut into the desired sizes










Now attempt to enjoy whilst everyone fights for them! get in their quickly!!

Bars Finished

If you need to convert the measurements I have made a handy free printable on the U.K to US cooking conversions Page

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  1. Reading these recipes is not helping my new plan of healthy eating but man is my mouth watering! I will keep these in mind at Christmas time :). Thank you so much for sharing this with us for the last #foodpornthursdays and I must apologize for my lateness in commenting as I have been on a self healing hiatus 🙂

  2. Ooooh I love this receipt it seems so easy to do and no back thats all me haha! I dont have to worry about burning anything lol! Great post!

    Jasmine 🙂

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