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5 Ways to Spend New Years With the Kids

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Let’s be honest, when you have kids, new years isn’t quite the party it used to be and a lot of us stay in

As our little guy gets older though, I like the idea of ringing in the New Year together and this doesn’t mean we can’t stay up and have fun with it and make it memorable! If you are brave enough you can always invite all your friends with kids over and have a parent/kid New Years party, unfortunately we have neither the space or the inclination to deal with all that chaos and would rather spend it just the family.

So here are some of the ways to enjoy New Years when you have kids:


Kids always want to have what you have, we’ve all been there. Obviously, you can’t give them alcohol but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in a fancy drink! Be sure to give it a long, important-sounding name, then garnish and decorate it ridiculously and put it in the fanciest glassware you have then you can all toast the new year together.


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