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After the resounding success of The Mummy Toolbox #Catweek 2015, I have decided to make it a yearly occurrence!

This means that there is another fun, packed cat related week full of tips, tricks, advice and CUTENESS. Just like last year, this is the home base of everything #Catweek 2016 and each post will be up at 8am (GMT) on the relative day! Here is everything you can expect! With even more posts this year and some extra bonuses from the archives there is bound to be something to help with your cat care or information! Check back each day for helpful posts!


Tick Truths


Outdoor Cat Care


10 Rare Domestic Cat Breeds


Wet vs Dry Cat Food: Which is best?


What to do if you find a cat


Cat Claw Care Tips


Should You Microchip Your Cats?


From the archives:

Overcoming Grief – Interview with a Pet Loss Counsellor

Canadian Cat Fostering 

8 Ways to Brush “Difficult” Long Hair Cats

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