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Movie night with PiCK UP! minis

Sometimes you need a comfy night in and it’s always the budget-friendly option when you have kids (we can’t always afford a babysitter!)

The hubby and I love to watch movies or binge watch TV shows together and it’s one of the ways we make time for each other as well as taking a break from the stresses of life! Because we can’t always get (or afford) a babysitter we like to make a big effort with things that we can do, so we will get the blankets out and have lots of snacks ready for our watching of choice.

This time around we were really lucky to try the PiCK UP! Minis that were sent to us by Bahlsen which is a new range that launched in August! As lovers of chocolate, biscuits and food in general, any opportunity to try new nibbles are always high on our date night list!

PiCK UP! Minis before opening

We were given two options to try and it definitely caused a divide in the house because my favorite were the “Choco & Milk” flavor because of the cream filling on the inside, while husband was a massive fan of the “Milk Chocolate” because he loves a classic biscuit but then we realised (because we are geniuses) that we could have a bag each.

Now, I know what you’re thinking that’s probably not what the snack size treats are made for since they are individually wrapped but we didn’t really care because they were delicious, although I am a little embarrassed to say that we ate almost all of them during the course of the movie.  My only warning would be: They are very moreish, so don’t take the bag with you or you will eat them all!

opened Pick UP! Minis

Luckily I did save a few for the little guy (I almost didn’t) and they have made great bribery snacks for the walk home or as a pick-me-up between school and gymnastics and since he loves both flavors and they are individually wrapped I can pop one in my pocket and go!

I will definitely be looking to buy these again as they are now sorely missed since we have munched our way through them and the biscuit tin is looking sadly empty now! One thing I do want to mention that makes these so great is the UTZ logo that you can see in red in the lower right corner of the packet. You may not know what this means but it is actually a logo that stands for the commitment to sustainable cocoa farming and the sustainability of the resources it uses. This corporate social responsibility from a company is what sets certain brands apart from others and will always get our vote if they care about nature and society in general so it is a complete thumbs up from all of us here!!

Where can you find PiCK UP! Minis?

  • Tesco
  • Waitrose
  • Costcutter
  • Palmer & Harvey

How much do they cost?

RRP = £1.29 each for the 10 share pack (pictured)

Both packs PiCK UP! Minis

If you are looking for other delicious products I highly recommend checking out Bahlsen’s website to see their full range!

What are your favorite snacks for movie night? Let me know in the comments!

*We received the pictured PiCK UP! Minis packs by Bahlsen in return for an honest review , all thoughts and opinions are my own but I can’t take credit for the deliciousness! For more info, see my disclosure policy*